DC Mafia Games Club

Welcome to The DC Mafia Games!

The title says it all! It’s a club where I will be hosting all of the DC mafia based games that I have been having fun with!
Link to join is here DC Universe

Here are links to the first two games That I have hosted!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Essentially if you have ever played Mafia, Werewolf, or Town of Salem this is the place to be! Info on games will be posted/announced when the time comes for a game! I will also take any ideas that anyone has on future games!

You can contact @Bladexoxo if you have any questions!! There are also a few users that have played these games before! (I can @ you if you want to be added here) but for now I can and will answer any questions so feel free to message me!

Questions you can use for your first post here!

Have you ever played Mafia?

What city or heroes would you like to see in future games?

And last but not least…

Do you like biscuits?


Hello all and welcome!!
Big things are going to happen around here!
Get excited!


Knocks on door Politely

Hi y’all


Okay all new game is officially in the works!!

So far I have the story line figured out!! Right now I’m working on the photo art for it!!


DC Mafia Games Very First Club Activity!

Injustice: Gods Among Us The Mafia Game

This game is going to be slightly different than the first three for starters YOU will be choosing your character. This has been brought up a bit in the last game so I thought why not give it a shot!

This is going to be centered around the lovely Injustice storyline. However there will be a catch in which characters will be used for instance I will still be choosing if you are a hero, villain, or neutral. From there you must choose a character from that side. However if there are multiple people requesting a character I will just tell you to choose a different one. Also if there are too many people requesting the same character I will choose for you!


The game has 2 stages: a day phase and a night phase. During the day everyone gets to vote out a player they feel is a villain. During the night phase the villains converse on who they are taking out of the game. Just letting everyone know now the game starts in a night phase. Your objective is to find the villains and vote them out before they find you! That’s really it. Everything else is up to you players! There will be an example post in the FAQ of what these will look like. Character abilities can be used during the day phase or night phase depending on the character. Usually hero abilities can be used during the day; villain abilities are used at night (unless otherwise stated). The game can be complex at times as know one knows who is who (except for the villains). Use strategy and keep your friends close…


  1. ALL PLAYERS MUST PARTICIPATE - This being said non villains are required to post at least once every 24 hours in the group PM because there will be so much going on and usually 2 or 3 phases pass in the 24 hour period.

  2. You are REQUIRED to vote every day phase if you don’t do this you are automatically out of the game.

  3. You DO NOT have to post in the main thread to stay in the game. However, if you want to keep up with the game the main thread (there will be a link) you should at least read over a few of the posts. As from previous games it gets post heavy.

  4. DO NOT REVEAL YOUR CHARACTER! Unless you are a villain and in the villain group PM. The point of this game is to FIND the villains and vote them out before they get to you first.

  5. Since this has been a huge issue in terms of game play, all abilities can only be used ONCE.

  6. When posting in our game room PM please keep conversations to a minimum as there is a 500 message or so limit. (at least I think that’s still a thing someone help please) However you can converse HERE in the main thread. I don’t mind plus it adds to our little game community.

  7. I will be announcing who has met their fate here in the main thread as well as the group PM. If you need to see an example I will post a link in the FAQ.

  8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either here on the main thread or in the PM’s!

  9. There is no editing or deleting posts! (At least not until it starts…)

  10. Just have fun! Don’t take this too seriously and enjoy the game!


Q:What does voting look like?
A:Here is a link to an example- Crisis on Earth 1 Heroes VS. Villains

Q:What do the phases look like?
A:Here is a link to an example -
Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel
Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel

Q:Can I reveal a person’s identity/allegiance on the main thread if I find it out?
A: Yes! However you then risk your identity/allegiance…

Q:How do I know what character I am?
A:It was sent in a PM from me

Q:What if I don’t know how to play?
A:Here is a link to the first and second games I suggest skimming through the first one to get a grasp on the idea.

Q:How do I know where I can use my ability?
A:In the PM I sent it tells you what phase your ability can be used.

Q:If I am voted out can I still vote?

Q:If I am voted out or killed can I still talk to people on the main thread?
A:Yes! In fact we call them “ghosts” however, please refrain from posting conversation in the game PM.

Q:What is the silencing ability?
A:It makes it so a user cannot talk for one day phase and one night phase.

Q:Where are the rules?
A:In the first 2 paragraphs of this post.


@bladexoxo haven’t you heard the counter is at 0!


I’m sorry :sob::sob::sob: I work from 645 pm PST to 615 am PST so like 945 est and 915 est


It’s ok if you missed some things.


Ok cool, I’ve read the rules, being eliminated is like watching Survivor and Big Brother! Who’s the villain here?:slightly_smiling_face: