DC Movie Hot Takes

And it was worth a rewatch. (Do I need to post this under "DC Movie Hot Re-Takes?)

Harmless spoilers ahead.

I watched WW84 in two parts this time.

The first half up to “Steve” and Diana leaving DC - Very enjoyable. I loved both the Amazon Tournament and mall robbery sequences. I loved Diana as a child, and then interacting with children while fighting the criminals. I loved the 80’s motif and…well Zimmer’s music makes these scenes so AWESOME.

The storyline that follows, introducing and setting up Barbara, “Steve”, and Maxwell Lord for the payoff in the second half is very good, and at a level typical in other spy and superhero movies. I enjoyed it more on rewatch, probably because I was picking up details I had missed the first time.

Yes, the whole “Steve” deal raises a lot of questions. Also, I haven’t heard anyone mention that the casual sex that could be enjoyed in the 70’s was being replaced by newly emerging STD concerns by 1984. But I’m going to give Patty Jenkins a pass, partly because this is a period piece, partly because this is a fantasy, and finally, Diana accepts that the situation she created is unacceptable and needs to be undone.

The second half starts well, with Barbara beginning to let her new powers overcome her morality, and the chase to stop Maxwell Lord in Egypt. But even by watching WW84 in two parts, at this point I’m finding the pace that takes us to the Cheetah batlle overly long, and even Zimmer’s music isn’t enough to keep me as engaged as I was in the first half. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoyed the second half - including the Cheetah battle, the cancellation of military hostilities (reminiscent of War Games) and the final scene with “No longer possessed by Steve guy”. But there should have been an even bigger, more awesome payoff to match how the movie opens.

Final thought - the mid-credits Asteria scene made me tear up this time, even though I knew it was coming. Nicely done.

My recommendation to those of you putting off watching the movie: Watch it in two nights. The first night, stop after the Fourth of July fireworks scene, and resume the next night. Enjoy.


Thoughts on the CGI for Cheetah?

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I thoroughly enjoyed the CGI Cheetah battle scene. I would have liked more of Barbara as Cheetah but that would have been a different story. It also would have been nice if Cheetah’s face looked more like Barbara’s.

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It was too dark to see how well they did

Superman: The Movie and Superman II are very, very boring, and I think most of the fondness for it today exists due to nostalgia. I watched them both for the first time ever last year, no strings attached, and they were rough to sit through.

In contrast I was around 15 when I first saw I and in college when I first saw 2. I really like 1 and only like the Donner cut of 2.

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