DC Movies on HBO Max...but not DCU?

I know that this sounds like a broken record. I’ve stated my concerns about this particular issues multiple times myself. And while I was glad to hear that HBO Max wouldn’t be the end of DC Universe, I’m still incredibly disappointed that there isn’t the kind of love shown to this service from WB that HBO is getting.

This is kind of a rant/review of DCU, because the app and service is pretty great. One year in, we’ve had some great original programming, from the return of Young Justice to Doom Patrol, one of the greatest digital collections of comics out there, and an incredibly passionate community. I really do enjoy the app and all it has to offer.

Yet again, however, I am incredibly disappointed to see that DCU is getting the short stick in terms of legacy content being on here. What the team has done - like remastering classic cartoons in HD - has been absolutely phenomenal, and have become my favorite ways to watch them. But the fact that the catalogue of films is both not consistent and sorely lacking really makes me frustrated at the heads who hold onto the rights of the films.

I know the argument has been made that a rotating catalogue of films is both efficient and a necessity, as new content is regularly added and changed, as well as a reality of having different streaming platforms have the rights to certain films. And I know from a business perspective, having those films on neutral platforms gets people involved in the franchises easier. But it seems that DCU is being sidelined intentionally in this regard.

Look, as someone who pays for a service to be my one-stop-shop for all things DC Comics, the lack of the full film catalogue (as well as television shows) is a remarkably large blemish, and completely works against all the phenomenal work that has already been put into it.

I completely acknowledge that there might be something I’m busy from a business perspective. But, for a service that touts itself as the ultimate fan experience, it’s just a shame that it falls short in some areas.

In order to not end on a totally sour note, I do wanna day that I’ve loved everything that’s been done up to this point. The mods are great, the community is awesome, the comics are excellent, and the video programming that is on here is stellar. I am very grateful for all that’s been done to get the service to the point that it’s at today, and it’s because of that hard work that I’m sticking around to this day. I recognize that there’s a team doing the best they can to make this great for all of us, and I for one am thankful for the work they do.


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