DC Pitch an Ep : Elvira’s House of Mystery

Let’s play “DC Pitch an Ep”.
Write a logline pitch for a DC Universe episode of a selected potential show. Your logline can’t be more than three sentences.

Show title: DC: Elvira’s House of Mystery
Animated Series - Half Hour Comedy
HBO Max (Unrated)
Pitch An Ep: ???


Detective Chimp
Live action-40 minutes
DC universe (TV14)


I know that sounds like a terrible rating for Detective Chimp, but I want kids to enjoy this


This sounds cool. I’m not too familiar with the House of Mystery series. It would be nice to have a mystery cartoon that doesn’t involve four teen-agers and an outdated van. :rosette:

Detective Chimp is long overdue for his own series. His latest animated appearance was in Teen Titans Go!, in which he said no more than 7 words… :disappointed:
TV-14 sounds like it would fit to a T. Not sure about 40 minutes though, or I could just be biased because of a certain group of 42-minute shows. :bow_and_arrow:

This idea caught fire in a certain watch-along:

Show title: something with “Wonder Woman” in it
Style: Animation
Avg. episode length: 15–30 min
Network(s): Cartoon Network or HBO Max
Episode ideas:

  1. Wonder Woman on Maltus debating/fighting the Violet Lantern Corps :purple_heart:
  2. Recruiting Ice as Wonder Girl or sumtin’ :ice_cube:
  3. Wonder Woman investigating Urzkartaga and possibly meeting Poison Ivy :poisonivy_hqas:
  4. Forming and going on many adventures with Justice League Dark :tophat:
  5. Having a strong rivalry with Amanda Waller & Task Force X :harley_hv_1:
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