DC’s Future State Has Been Revealed

Looking forward to reading ALL of this starting in July when it drops on DC Universe Infinite!


I’m only going to buy the ones with Wonder Women in them and whatever one features Midnighter. I was going to get a few others but now I want a lot of the variants which means I’ll also just have to wait until they come to DC Universe Infinity International Inc. or whatever. It’s not very wallet friendly, this event :sweat_smile:


Very extensive
22 issues within 2 months

At least 88 dollars

But higher than that

With some issues 7.99
Like the main.Batman
at 48 pages

I might use
Comic Book.Roundup
Which grades each issue
And pick up the real good ones
Leave the rest fot 6 months
Afterwards with DCUI.


You are not alone, Moro! I’ve greatly enjoyed his run! Superman #26 this week was great!


It’s temporary, so I’m open to it. I expect if certain things hit, they’ll find a way to connect them (say the new Brazilian Wonder Woman), and they’ll just drop the stuff that people don’t like. The art is going to be great though.

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My understanding is that Generations: Shattered starts the event and Generations: Forged (an accidental PR reveal) will end the event.

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Well, its good to see that this is a temporary thing and the rumors will only translate into a 2 month run.

But, that said, none of these particularly interest me so I’ll purchase none. I may read a few when they show up here.


I’m feeling pretty good about this whole “two month” thing. Probably won’t buy too many of these issues, but it will be interesting to see how the Red X stuff plays out. As someone who has been keeping up with Tynion’s Batman, the plotlines for the Future State Bat books seem pretty predictable.

The things that concern me the most are the Wonder Woman books. “Immortal” Wonder Woman reminds me a bit too much of “Dead Earth” to feel comfortable with where that story may be going, and the “new” Wonder Woman looks more like a New Gods character. Maybe that’s intentional? Interesting design for her sword, and I’m not sure if this is accurate, but by the cover art it looks like she’s using golden bolas instead of a golden lasso.

Regardless, here’s hoping that “Future State” is a big success for DC!


I agree that Superman #26 was great. The art was fantastic.


Thanks to Detective comics number 1027 and checking the date of the final episode of Doomsday clock i figured out this is going to be involving fixing the issues Doc Manhatten caused by messing around with the timestream and Booster Gold is in charge of saving the universe… :sob: we are doomed.

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I think Dark detective is going to be the new Bruce Wayne title well batman is taken over by one of the fox’s i am betting timothy.

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Overall the event seems eh but some books I want to get:

Next Batman: Controlling organization all over Gotham? Sign me up!

Dark Detective: Cool New Codename? Makeshift suit? More Magistrate? Sign me up!

Catwoman #2: Onomatopoeia! Got to read it!

Robin Eternal: I’m not sure how much I want this but maybe I’ll pick up issue one and see how it is.

Nightwing #2: Two-Face! Gotta love Two-Face!

Batman/Superman #1 and possibly 2: Professor Pyg returns. Fascinating. I’ll pick up issue one and check it out.

Teen Titans #1-2: Titans Academy? Red X? Definitely getting it.

Suicide Squad 1-2: That one issue 2 cover shows a team unlike any other squad. Can’t wait to see Manta, Cheetah, Evil Star and more work together!

Maybe I’ll pick up Justice League #1

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DC Future State is timed perfectly for me to stop buying physical comics. They’ve ended the run of a couple of the books I was purchasing each month (Hawkman & Shazam!), two of the miniseries I’ve been getting will be ending soon (Rorschach and Strange Adventures) and the mega event I’ve bought every issue of is ending as well (Dark Nights: Death Metal). Once I have all of those I think I’m done buying comics.

Starting on January 20, 2021 I’ll be reading the stuff on here that I haven’t read before, I’ll be reading the DC Digital First titles that are new each weekday and I’ll read old runs I missed back in the day. Then, on July 20, 2021, I’ll start reading “new” comics from DC again.

I’m going to be a DC Universe Infinite subscriber for years to come and want to get my monies worth so I will simply wait six months to read all of their future books, starting with Future State. I’ll still get the DC Connect each month and will make a list of books I want to read but I’ll wait the six months to read them for “free” rather than buy them at the local comic shop. I’ll never run out of things to read and a year from now I’ll be well into all the new stories, characters and events and will be loving it since all the comics I could ever want will be just $6.25 a month.

That being said - I will read ALL of Future State. Every panel of every book. I’ll just do it six months later than normal.

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