DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy (2005-) #1

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy (2005-) #1

This is one of my favorite minis ever. I love that it plays into Donna’s rich history. This first issue focuses primarily on Donna and where she has been, but it sets up for interesting issues that come after.


I came for the amazing artwork from Jose Luis Garcia Lopez; he is a true DC legend. He has not drawn the interior art in many comics for many decades now, but that makes it extra special every time he does. Many have noted how natural looking his bodies are, like classic statues, the exact opposite of hack artists of the 90s.


Absolutely great! Definitely looking forward to reading the rest!

Interesting start. I want to know more. Of course the Titans of Myth are lying. I’m curious as to what their end goal is.