DC Sweepstake issues

I am not able to enter in today’s sweepstakes. I am using a mobile device and have tried through the app and through Internet both mobile and desktop view. A week ago, I was able to submit an entry through the app. Since the last two updates, I am unable to. Also, I tried addressing this issue in other threads to no avail. How is this issue going to be resolved?

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I was having issues for a bit, but it finally came up for me just a little bit ago.

Still not working for me. Did you do anything different to get it to work?

Whenever i click on a contest page it just redirects me to the Join Now page. Since we are all paying members, you’d think they would just automatically enter us all into their contests.

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That would be a lot better than constantly having to go to each sweepstake.

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No, sorry, AB, I just kept trying.

Regarding the join now page, that happens on some device I use (forget which), but not on the app on my phone.

Thanks. I just downloaded the phone app and was finally able to enter a contest through that. Guess its just an issue with the website itself.

@ralphsix Thank you for responding. It would be nice if a mod could provide feedback, but I have already submitted an inquiry through the help center.

Having an issue, Twitter link takes me to install app in Play Store. App is already installed

Hey @all! I do apologize for the issue you are having with the sweepstakes entry. We are aware of the issue and are working on getting it corrected. In the meantime, a couple of options are to try using the Firefox browser or you can enter through an alternate form an entry by e-mailing fans@dcuniverse.com with the subject line “DC Universe Weekly Giveaway” and providing their mailing address in the body of the e-mail.

If you continue to have the issue, please let our Help Team know, so they can assist with troubleshooting and gather information for our Tech Team. You can reach the Help Team directly here: