DC TV and Movie Club - All Star Superman Animated Movie

Welcome to the first watching of the DC TV and Movie Club!

I know it is Wednesday but because this is the first time I wanted to give a week and a half before the first discussion.

For this first time we will be watching the animated movie All Star Superman, which is available on DC Universe. We will be discussing on Sunday November 10th at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST. These are the base Questions of the discussion:

What was your favorite moment/line in the movie?
Which performance stood out the most and for what reasons?
Based on this movie’s take on the character, is Superman the most human character in the DC Universe despite the fact that he’s not from Earth?
What was your favorite Easter Egg from the movie?
Do you believe that Superman is truly gone?
If you have read it, how does this compare to Grant Morrison’s famous storyline of the same name?
Do you think that Clark Kent reporting on his own outings as Superman is bad and biased Journalism?

We will start the main discussion on Sunday November 10th at 10:00 PST/1:00 EST but for those of you that can’t make it don’t worry it will continue throughout the week. Enjoy the movie.

The discussion will take place here:

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hey how do I join

So I assume you already figured it out, since you joined one of the other groups I’m in but if I’m wrong: click the bell then click the three lines and go to groups. Hope I answered your question!

Getting closer

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