DC TV and Movie Club-The Great DC Opinion Debate

Batman: Keaton & Conroy. No third for me.

Superman: Reeve. Just Reeve.

Luthor: Hackman, Brown, Cryer

Joker: Nicholson, Hamill, Phoenix

Best Movie: Superman (78)

Worst Movie: I’m having to do a three-way tie. DC has too many bad options. Batman and Robin (97), Superman IV, and Jonah Hex. Dishonorable mentions: Catwoman (04), Supergirl (84), Steel (97). I feel bad that there are so many bad that Green Lantern couldn’t make the cut.

Controversial Opinion: Strongly dislike the Nolan Batman Trilogy

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  1. Henry Cavill

I feel like he’s given the strongest, realist overall performance. While I wish there was more for him to do as Superman in BVS, I do think he has done an incredible job as Clark Kent.

  1. Christopher Reeve

Similar to Keaton, Reeves’ Superman is the one that everyone aspires to. While I’m personally not super into those movies (which could be a controversial opinion, now that I think about it), I do think his performances in them are usually the strongest parts of all the movies.

  1. Tom Welling

While the show itself had it’s ups and downs, I do think he consistently did a good job of playing the young, idealistic but flawed Clark trying to grow up while dealing with these powers and the frankly insane crap that goes on in his small town.

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My only problem with Cavill is that the role did not give him an much of an opportunity to show Clark’s lighter side. I’m sure he can do it, but it’s not really there on the screen.


I had the same problem with his superman


I dislike Nolan trilogy too