DC TV and Movie Club

DC TV and Movie Club

This club is a group where we will discuss and debate DC movies and television, both animated and live action. The point of it is so people passionate about anything from Arrowverse to DC universe Originals to Adam West Batman have a forum to watch, discuss, and have fun together.

Anyone who likes discussion, analyzing characters and plot, and of course watching TV and Movies should join this club. How many DC TV and movies you have watched doesn’t matter. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

Every week we will watch something and the main discussion will take place the Sunday after it is announced. That way everyone has time to watch over the week. Although there can and will be watch alongs. The main discussion will last about an hour starting at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST every Sunday but the chat will continue throughout the week. Once a month there will also be a DC TV and Movie Trivia Session. The winner will get to choose a future movie or episode for us to watch.

You can reach me at @N81 with any questions or comments.

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