DC Universe Club Submissions Are Open! January 6th-January 27th

Happy New Year, DC Universe Community! We’re very excited to announce that from now until January 27th, we are opening up new club submissions!

“Clubs? What are those?”

You’re in for a treat, friend! You can read all about the clubs of DC Universe right here. If you haven’t had a chance to explore our clubs, be sure to make a stopover in our Community Events section to check out all the clubs currently rocking and rolling.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Club Leader to have a crazy cool event- our Community Events Calendar is full of non-club activities like Trivia Challenges and Watch-Alongs.

Read on to learn all about how you can submit your idea for a club! We will be reviewing all proposals once submissions close on January 27th.

:question:COMMON QUESTIONS​:question:

:arrow_right:"How do I submit my idea for a club?"

Fill out this form to let us know your thoughts on starting a club! It covers general information like title, description, an example of your post, and other details to help coordination and management.

:arrow_right:"How long will the submission window remain open?"

Submissions will be open from January 6th-January 27th. We will review and approve selected clubs after submissions have closed.

:arrow_right:"What are the requirements to submit a club proposal?"

We would really like to make sure committed Club Leaders have shown they’re planning on sticking around for a little bit, and know a thing or two about the DC Universe community. This is why we ask the following:

  • Please be Level 3 member of DC Universe

  • Love bringing people together

  • Great communicator

  • Active for a minimum 1 month

  • In good standing, no prior warnings

  • Be reachable through the moderator group

And remember, to qualify as a leader. you gotta lead! Be ready to set the course and expectations of your club, and manage any outreach from your club members.

Please fill out this form that will walk you through all the questions we are looking for from a proposal.

:arrow_right:"I’m an existing Club Leader, can I still submit a proposal?"

We are limiting the number of clubs an individual can host to 2 (two), which includes co-hosting. This is to allow club leadership opportunities to more members of the forums, and to make sure that running a club stays fun!

:arrow_right:"Will you be accepting every club that is submitted?"

We wish we could welcome every club into the fold, but unfortunately, there are a limited number of slots. This is due to our ambition to provide Club Leaders with dedicated support and behind-the-scenes resources. For this reason, we will also be limiting the number of clubs a single person can host.

:arrow_right:"How many proposals can I submit?"

Feel free to submit as many as you’d like! Please remember, we are setting a limit on the number of clubs a single person can host, so not all of your clubs may be accepted.

:arrow_right:"What if two people submit the same club proposals?"

We would love to see a good old-fashioned team-up! We will be asking everyone if they would be willing to co-host a club. Co-hosting is a great way to take turns every week and get each other’s backs if a scheduling conflict arises. It’s also just plain fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of!

Thanks to all our amazing club leaders who have gone above and beyond to make the DC Universe Community THE place to go to connect with the classic stories we know and love, and discover new stories in compelling ways. We can’t wait to see what comes next! :raised_hands::books::movie_camera::video_game::game_die:


Ok, I did it! My club submission is officially in! My heart rate increased for a minute there before hitting “Submit” lol. :shamrock: Good luck to everyone else out there submitting a club proposal! I can’t wait to see your ideas come to life! :shamrock:


It felt like filling out a job application! Good luck to everybody, I can’t wait to see new clubs next month. If I don’t get pick, I’m happy for those who got their club accepted.:slightly_smiling_face:


Lol seriously, you’re right :thinking: I guess in a way it kinda is a job application though. There are some fairly involved questions on their for sure. I wrote my answers out in Word before I filled out the actual form so I could take my time with editing. I guess that’s that OCD nonsense that my professors are always yelling at me about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


DCU Clubs R fUn!


I likewise submitted a club idea that I and another member, @Aurora, have been working on for the last month or so. I may also submit a second idea though I already have one club going and members are only allowed two clubs.


See, I have a club idea but the problem is I don’t think I’m the one to lead it.

@A1waysAJ - throw it out there, maybe somebody active and experienced around here will want to take it and run with it.

I’m still trying to figure out what clubs to join and interested in learning more about the existing clubs.


Thanks. My idea was a Nightwing Fan Club. A place for Nightwing fans to gather, read his stories, watch his appearances, discuss his ships, place in the DCU, etc., share ideas and fan creations, and campaign for his first solo animated film and series.

I would rather join a club like this than run it.


Good luck everyone!


Oh lol I submitted to run a Dick Grayson fan club like 2 days ago. Hopefully I get approved!


Awesome! I hope so too!

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The form of was quite useful and did a pretty good job of helping me make sure the club idea was fully formed. I included a first 3 months schedule of ideas and topics and a sample of what I wanted it to be, how others can contribute and learn and I can learn from them and so on. Very helpful in determining what I hope is a good strategy for my club vision. Now it’s wait and see if it gets the green light.


Hey I’m submitting my club idea for an Injustive League. My hope for the club is to discuss the series (both comic and video game stories) each week and have monthly Injustice fighting tournaments. Winner gets the title emperor superman for the month. (Wanna have other prizes too but main one for now is emperor superman) I’m really hoping my club idea gets accepted but there is no way I can run this on my own. Wanted to see if anyone on here would be interested in joining if it got accepted or help me run it.


Club submission ends tomorrow, best of luck to everybody, I can’t wait to see who’s club been accepted. I submitted 2 different clubs, I hope 1 of them will be pick, if not then it wasn’t meant to be. :slightly_smiling_face:

@StarFire456 that sounds so awesome!!

Submitted my idea, but I included that I am willing to be a co-host with anyone that needs one. :slight_smile: Also good luck everyone! I know some awesome clubs are going to come out of this! Can’t wait to see them.


Hey all! As you may already know, we’ll be closing up the submission form tonight at 12:00am PST. For those who have submitted a club for consideration, we will be reviewing all this week. Please keep an eye on your Community inbox, as we may reach out with some follow-up questions. And if you have any questions, feel free to drop them here!

Thank you to everyone for contributing, we can’t wait to see our Universe expand!


Good luck to all who have submitted new clubs!


I didn’t submit any but good luck to all of u guys/girls. I was thinking about doing a book club for heavy readers. I do have notebooks full of crossovers. reading orders & variant reading orders, master reading orders etc. I just don’t know how it would go to say ok next is flashpoint talk to u in a month. I guess we could talk during but honestly I read so much so fast that I’d just be sitting there forever waiting for the next one. And I went way overboard as usual, all I wanted to say was good luck to all. Looking forward to seeing what u come up with & maybe I’ll even become a member?