DC Universe Comic Book Reading Challenge

Oh man! This is VERY good news! Can’t wait to get started on the next batch!

  1. Nathaniel Dusk ( 1984 ) 1-4
  2. Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld
    ( 1983 ) 1-5 In honor of PrincessAmethyst
  3. Black Canary ( 1991 ) 1-4
  4. Batwoman ( 2016 ) 1-5

Starting a bit late, but am I correct to assume this carries over to 2020?


You have until September!

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HubCity is correct, @Anonymousbluebeetle! While I will be giving out the new prompts for 2020. Year 1 prompts go until September due to when they started. You can be working on both or either independently. This is just a fun explore the library challenge. Speaking of fun, exploring the library challenges, I may have another one I may be starting on January 1st. We shall see. It will require knowing where the edit button is though Hehehe

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Details of Challenge:

The DC Universe service has a massively large comic book library just waiting to be explored and discovered. This challenge explores that library through prompts given to interact with it. Remember first and foremost, this is just a fun community activity to get us exploring our passion of comics!

Like the 2019 challenge, this year has 25 prompts to get us searching through the comic library. Some prompts are pretty straightforward, while others are open to your own interpretation or desires. There are generally choices within each prompt to allow you to explore in your own way, but this year some are pretty direct as well. There are no real rules other than the constraints placed on you by the prompt. If you feel something meets the prompt, you don’t need to ask because the answer is yes! I am also doing the challenge along with any of you that join up, so I’ll also see you at the finish line.

Feel free to continue doing the 2019 challenge above as well! @TornadoSoup has also started a tracking your comics thread you may want to look at it you are doing this challenge. Find it here: 2020 Comic Reading Challenge There will also be the announcement of another challenge that I am starting up soon as well. Look forward to reading with you this year.

2020 Reading Challenge Prompts:

  1. Read 3 titles within the DC Elseworlds category. Some titles are one issue and others have multiple, so pay attention that you are completing the entire title

  2. Read all issues of a series featuring Deadman.

  3. In honor of the “Titans” show streaming right here, read at least 5 issues of a title with Titans in the title.

  4. Oh look at me! More Titans goodness! Read several issues or complete a title that has a Teen Titan character in the name of the series. If there are 6 or less issues, complete the series. If there are more than 6 issues, read as far as you want. Examples of titles starring Teen Titans characters: The Return of Donna Troy, Impulse, Raven, Nightwing, or Starfire would all work. Any character that has been on the actual team at some point.

  5. Read 5 total issues of any series with Justice in the title. Feel free to jump around to collect 5 total issues if needed or wanted. Read an issue of Justice Society then jump to Extreme Justice then test out Justice League Task Force if ya want. As long as each series has Justice in the title it counts towards this prompt!

  6. Ask one of the following community members for a recommendation: @Don-El, @Nathan.Payson, @BatJamags,@JLWWSM or @HubCityQuestion. Read their recommendation and report back here! Hope the suggestion is one you enjoy!

  7. Read 3 issues from a series with Aquaman in the title.

  8. Read 4 issues from a series with a Green Lantern in it.

  9. Doom Patrol? Doesn’t this service have a show called this? Yes! Read 5 issues from any series titled Doom Patrol.

  10. Read a series that has EXACTLY 6 issues within it. No more, no less. Can be any 6 issue series in the library, but don’t ask if 5 or 7 issue series counts because nope!

  11. Read both issues of History of the DC Universe or read an issue of Who’s Who in the DC Universe. You will understand why these are low numbers for reading once you get into them. Feel free to skim, but this gives you an opportunity to see other ways comics can be enriched by a company.

  12. Read at least 4 issues of a series that does not feature the name of a character in its title. Think titles like Detective Comics, Sensation Comics, Adventure Comics, or Action Comics, but no Batman, Superman, Captain Atom, or Firestorm because the character is in the series title.

  13. Read 1 issues from 3 different series that have DC somewhere in the title.

  14. Read 3 titles within the Tangent Comics series category. I highly recommend reading one of the Green Lantern titles, but I’m biased there. Enjoy this interesting take on names that are familiar, but characters that completely different.

  15. Choose one of following female characters and read 5 issues of a title they make an appearance in: Batgirl, Supergirl, Catwoman, Black Canary, or Harley Quinn.

  16. Choose one of the following male characters and read 5 issues of a title they appear in: Captain Atom, The Atom, Firestorm, Adam Strange, or Black Lightning.

  17. Read 3 issues each of titles featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This means 3 issues for Batman, 3 issues for Superman, and 3 issues for Wonder Woman. There is a CATCH! It cannot be any of the following titles: Batman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, or Wonder Woman.

  18. Before Watchman was recently added to the comic library. Read one complete Before Watchman title of your selection.

  19. DC has had several comics featuring He-Man. Read one of those titles. Masters of the Universe titles count for this prompt.

  20. Read a comic book series, all of it, that has over 20 issues within it. One of these had to be bigger! You have a year! You can do it! I believe in you!

  21. Read one of the following: the 12 issues Maxi-series Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld; Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld series, or Sword of Sorcery. Hey, this eventually had to make it in. I mean just look at my username!!!

  22. If you have a character’s name in your own username, read 3 issues of a title featuring them or that they appear in! (For example, Vic Sage’s version of the Question appears in 52, making it a choice to read even if the issues read the character doesn’t appear. Loophole hehe.) Even if it is a reread. If you don’t have a character in your username find someone else on this threads username that does and use it to do this challenge prompt!

  23. When you go into the comic book section, click on the storylines choice. Find a storyline you have yet to read from the massive selections and read the entire storyline! The number of issues for this prompt will differ based on your storyline selection.

  24. When you go into all comic series when browsing by category, there is a filter choice. Pick it and go to the era tab. Read at least 2 issues from the following eras: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age.

  25. Final Challenge: Read the first issue of 3 series that you have wanted to try reading from the library but have not started for whatever reason. Branch out, try something you normally wouldn’t! Try something you have wanted to try but have been scared to start. Try something from a character you never knew about. Start a title with over a hundred issues in it that looks formidable to read all of it. Start it! Whatever gets you to try out a new series you normally wouldn’t! You can thank me later for helping you find a new book to read. :wink:

Happy reading fellow DCUers!


My favorite Reading Club in DC Universe is BACK! So excited to get started on this, and happy to give out recommendations for all who reach Challenge #6.




This is kind of like a multiple vitamin for comic book Excellence internally or like having a comic book literature exercise coach!!!

Thanks @PrincessAmethyst… according to my vast math skills , this would be like an every other week Club!!! I shall forthwith bookmark thee, oh Thread!


@dogwelder9, that is awesome that you have read so many comics! You can still do the ones you haven’t. Also I don’t want you to think narrowly about the prompts. So you have read every issue of the series Deadman has been featured in? Look at this list and tell me if that is true :wink: It isn’t just titles with his name featured in it.
Here is a list of some other places he has appeared:

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@DeadmanBrand have you returned from The Ether yet?

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Thank you .

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Glad I could help you out with the prompt!

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3 issues counts as the 3 needed. Some are 1 and done, some are more than 3.

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Wasted my time.

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Wow it’s been a while since I devoted time to reading comics >__> I still want to attempt this challenge before time runs out in September (and then on to 2020’s challenge! lol).

Zatanna (2010)

Firstly, this is a gorgeous and sometimes grotesque series of 12 issues. I’ve always been fascinated by Zatanna but regrettably she isn’t in a lot of things! I’d never read this series before, except for parts of the very first and last issues, so I was excited to finally read the entire thing.

  • Issues 1-3
    Writer: Paul Dini
    Arts: Stephane Roux, Karl Story, Brian Bolland

This is our introduction to what Zatanna Zatara is all about. She’s a stage performer who uses magic to make her living, and works as an on-call member of the Justice League. In these first three issues she’s asked by the police to help investigate some awful murders. She finds out that Brother Night and his henchpeople were responsible, and immediately transports herself to wherever they are to confront him. I like her direct approach to problem solving. She’s able to counter and reverse whatever Brother Night throws at her, through nightmares and emotional trauma, because she makes the right connections and really cares about righting the wrongs caused by magic.

  • Issues 4-6
    Writer: Paul Dini
    Arts: Chad Hardin, Wayne Faucher, Stephane Roux, Jesus Saiz

These three issues are set in Las Vegas, and feature an appearance by Zatanna’s cousin Zachary as well as the demon god of avarice and his acolytes. I’ve seen Zach in a different series so I was pleasantly surprised to see him here. For the second time in the series there is a part where Zatanna hauls off and punches someone instead of using magic, which I find really amusing. They also talk about Zatanna’s opinion that magic should only be used defensively (and on stage) but she does make exceptions. Zach and Zee have a pretty funny argument about money as they’re running for their lives. And there’s a bar in Hell where they show creatures shooting pool, but the illuminated bottles on the wall aren’t booze, they’re people’s souls. I just liked that imagery.

  • Issues 7-
    Writer: Adam Beechen
    Arts: Chad Hardin, Wayne Faucher, Jesus Saiz

We lost Paul Dini as the writer, which makes me sad.

TO BE CONTINUED. I will edit this post.


For this challenge, I read the following Elseworlds titles:

BATMAN: IN DARKEST KNIGHT. The story of a world where the mythologies of Batman and Green Lantern are forged into one. It started off with an interestingly straightforward premise- “What if Bruce Wayne got Abin Sur’s ring right before the bat crashed through his window?” But once Sinestro started adopting the mannerisms of The Joker and creating new mashups of other Batman/GL characters, it all started to seem a little indulgent. Like a lot of these choices wouldn’t make sense if not for your pre-existing familiarity with both sets of characters. But hey, Bruce’s GL costume is great.

BATMAN: I, JOKER. When BATMAN: THE WHITE KNIGHT was being billed as a story where Joker was a hero and Batman was the villain, I couldn’t help but think, “Haven’t we done this before?” I, JOKER is that story, but one set in a dystopian future long after the original Dark Knight and Clown Prince have passed on, their legends transmuting and perverting over the ravages of time — where the duel of Batman and Joker is forever re-enacted as a grand circus for the masses. There’s some social commentary in there somewhere. Maybe it’s no Aldous Huxley, but it’s at least good enough to be a Black Mirror.

ELSEWORLD’S FINEST #1-2. Now this is an Elseworlds story! Set in 1928, this two-fisted tale reimagines the adventures of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent as pulpy serial heroes of old, the type who inspired the rise of superheroes in the first place. As they clash with the likes of Lex Luthor and Ra’s al Ghul, Clark’s childhood sweetheart Lana Lang provides narration for the globe trotting adventure. The best of the three!


I started to go with “Batman: In Darkest Knight” but instead went with “The Green Lantern: Evil’s Might”. I am currently reading this. So far I am enjoying it. It sounds like I made a good choice on not reading In Darkest Knight based on how you describe it. Dodged a bullet. Not my type of story. Can’t wait to hear more about the books you read for this!


For this challenge, I read Neal Adams’ DEADMAN (2017), a follow-up of sorts to his infamous BATMAN: ODYSSEY series. I came into this prepared for an extremely weird time, and as always, Adams delivered the weirdness. Adams’ dialogue isn’t exactly natural by any means, but it does cast a sort of hypnotic spell in its irregular cadence. Everyone speaks as if not just English but humanity itself is foreign to them. Neal Adams is rightfully a legend, and an extremely creative individual, but… he is not a writer. So when he’s given complete control of a story, you’re in for some Strange Adventures.