DC Universe Community Gift Exchange Party

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Welcome! A couple weeks ago I had the notion of a community gift exchange, so I posted a signup sheet and some very wonderful people joined in. We all pledged to make something for someone else, no money spent, all from the heart, no matter how simple (stick figures and all), to show our appreciation for one another. Thank you everyone in the community, and special thanks to the wondrous people that joined in on this venture.

@HubCityQuestion @PrincessAmethyst @seitan @CaptThunder001 @NovellPaladin @CynicalPink @Reaganfan78 @serenap95

The presents will begin being exchanged today. Stay tuned.




:partying_face: :tada: :gift:


@CaptThunder001 I saw a gif on this topic and thought it’d go well with your photo from Halloween. I made some variants as well. Hope you enjoy the gifs :grinning:

captthunder001-shazam captthunder-marvel

I was going for a kind of vintage look with the third gif since Captain Marvel has been around for so long.


I LOVE that the lightning bolt has stars in it, too! Thank you! :smile:


Cool thread!

For @MisfitMarvel, Orbem the demigoddess of Round Earth.

Don’t know why one has a tint to it, maybe it looks better idk.

Sorry buddy i was hoping to get an actual pad and art pens/pencils to do a proper one but not sure when that will be at the moment. Besides that Superhero Jim I did for Don-El, I haven’t drawn anything in like 10 years & don’t have any of that stuff. She is suppose to be forming a sphere of energy in her left hand but didn’t have any colors that would look good. Promise to get ya something better and with some different poses here in the future. Really like her story though and can’t wait to read more.

Thanks for being a great member of this community and hope your New Year is off to a great start!


I’ll be posting your gift later tonight. Busy all day. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the wait


You’re welcome! :grinning:

I love when Shazam’s lightning symbol has effects in it, so I had to make sure the stars were in your lightning bolt too.


I wasn’t thrilled with everything Geoff Johns did in the reboot, but making Shazam’s lightning bolt insignia a moving, living effect was brilliant!


For our DCU Secret Santa, I was assigned @CynicalPink — one of our most talented artists, and Young Justice/Blue Beetle superfan! My gift to you is a complete chronology of Blue Beetle appearances in the Young Justice universe. If you’re ready for a review of one of the best worlds in the DC Multiverse before Season 4, consider going down this checklist for a view from Jaime’s perspective!

Young Justice #20-25, “Players”

Young Justice S2E1, “Happy New Year”

Young Justice S2E3, “Alienated”

Young Justice S2E4, “Salvage”

Young Justice S2E5, “Beneath”

Young Justice S2E7, “Depths”*

Young Justice S2E8, “Satisfaction”

Young Justice S2E9, “Darkest”

Young Justice S2E10, “Before the Dawn”

Young Justice S2E11, “Cornered”

Young Justice S2E12, “True Colors”

Young Justice S2E13, “The Fix”

Young Justice S2E14, “Runaways”

Young Justice S2E15, “War”

Young Justice S2E16, “Complications”*

Young Justice S2E17, “The Hunt”

Young Justice S2E18, “Intervention”

Young Justice S2E19, “Summit”*

Young Justice S2E20, “Endgame”

Young Justice S3E1, “Princes All”*

Young Justice S3E5, “Away Mission”

Young Justice S3E12, “Nightmare Monkeys”*

Young Justice S3E16, “Illusion of Control”

Young Justice S3E17, “First Impression”

Young Justice S3E18, “Early Warning”*

Young Justice S3E19, “Elder Wisdom”*

Young Justice S3E24, “Into the Breach”

Young Justice S3E26, “Nevermore”*

*Appearance only, no dialogue.


Surprise! I’m not an artist but I hope you like it @HubCityQuestion ! It’s all your favorite characters in your favorite city!
Thanks for all you do for the community! And I hope you have a great 2020 :partying_face:


Aaaaah, this is adorable! Thanks so much!!!


I am in bed sick and have to post mine for @seitan tomorrow. This is the most I will be on today. Feel free to take your time.


Here’s my gift for @nu52. I hope you like it!


Oh my gosh, I LOVE it :white_heart: :hearts: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :white_heart:

That is adorable. Thank you so much. @serenap95 I’m making that my profile banner here on DCU :grinning:


Hope you get well soon, Cass! Thanks for stopping by.

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Aww. I’m glad that you love it! :purple_heart:


I keep opening the image to look at it. My heart is beaming. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

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@mods You all do a lot. This is just a simple tiktok :sweat_smile: vid. I didn’t know how to upload it so it’s just a link.


I just came upon this. Love all the gifts. I’ll post a gift for everyone.
This seems appropriate.