DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you from threads across the forums, but we’d love to get a peek behind the mask! Tell us a little bit about your alter-ego behind the username, and let the rest of the DC Universe family get to know you- not to worry, you’re amongst Alfreds and Commissioners here!

:thinking:Where are you from?
:thinking:What or who got you into comics?
:thinking:Do you have a favorite DC character, either superhero or villain?
:thinking:What comic, TV show, or movie do you recommend to people who have never read comics before?
:thinking:What’s your perfect casting of your favorite character?
:thinking:What are some of your other, non-DC interests?
:thinking:Do you accept pineapple on your pizza?

Join the comments below to get to know your fellow heroes and vigilantes!


Chicago here! Been a lover of comics since I was 5 (I’m now 51) and my all time favorite is Wonder Woman (yeah it’s a gay stereotype but there ya go:) I’m a psychotherapist, vegetarian, dog dad to the greatest dog ever, married to the man of my dreams for 15 years, besides all things nerd-related I’m into: Beyonce, Hawaii, tattoos, sober, Buddhism, house music and traveling. Pineapple is ok on pizza but cheese pizza is one of the greatest foods ever:)


I’m from Connecticut! I can pinpoint exactly when I got into comics. It was 2008, the summer of Iron Man and The Dark Knight. I was interested and later that summer went to my first con with some friends and picked up The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight Returns. And I’ve been obsessed with comics ever since. But as much as I love Batman, my favorite character has always been Dick Grayson. He pretty much had always been the heart and soul of the DC universe. For people new to comics I would suggest the Nolan trilogy, the Arrowverse, and The Dark Knight Returns. As for casting of my favorite character, I think Brenton Thwaites is doing a great job over on Titans and I can’t wait for season 2. As for non DC interests, I’m a podcaster and just started Twitch streaming. We’ll see how that works out. And pineapple does not belong on pizza.


I’m from Reno, NV. Young Justice (the show) for me into comics. I found the DVD for the first few episodes and instantly fell in love.

Martian Manhunter is my all-time favorite. I actually think Idris Elba would be good for his human form.

I recommend DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke for new readers. It features a host of characters and has an easy to follow story

And no, pineapple does NOT be belong on pizza.


Hi there @jwz, @darthpat and @The_Manhunter, so nice to meet you!
@jwz, I imagine being from Chicago you have some very established pizza opinions. And we have lots of WW enthusiasts here, so you’re in the right place! What’s your dog’s name? What’s your secret to a long-lasting marriage??

@darthpat, that’s an amazing journey, and I love that even though Dick Grayson wasn’t a part of your original inspiration you found him later down the line and knew he embodied everything symbolizing DC. And I totally agree, Brenton Thwaites is doing a wonderful job. Welcome welcome!

@The_Manhunter_from_Mars, you must be super excited for YJ: Outsiders, then! We just announced a Watch-Along with the community for this Friday night (5pm your time), if you’re able to join us :slight_smile:
Idris Elba is good in any form!

I can tell meeting you all is just raising more questions, ha!


Hey I’m Danny Dowell from Louisville KY lifetime comicbook reader. Digidax1 on Instagram and Digidax on Twitter. My favorite comic book growing up was the shenanigans of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in the JLI…but I was introduced to these characters that I still love till this day by the Superfriends cartoon on Saturday mornings. My first collection was the SuperPowers and still collect to this day. My top 10 characters are 1 Superman 2 Booster Gold 3 Mister Miracle 4 Red Hood 5 Wally West 6 Firestorm 7 Hal Jordan 8 Dr Fate 9 Aquaman 10 Batman


OHIO,is where I enjoy life. I’ve been a comicbook fan since the early 1980’s when my youngest uncle gave me his G.I.Joe collection. I picked up various 3rd party books from convenient stores, the BATMAN 89 came out, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Batman has been my favorite forever, however that doesn’t mean that there are not some very close second (s). These being Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Conner Kent, Wally West (original), Jesse Custer, Swampthing. The list expands to some other brand charecters as well. The point is the Bat still beats them out. At least my Batman, the Batman that did not fight gods, but took out the street level scumbags, while trying to reach out as Bruce Wayne.

Some of my favorite Bat stories are from the late eighties/early nineties Detective Comics. Great story telling beautiful art. Just the best, this really built who batman is for me.


Hello DCU Family!

  • I am from Orange County, California

  • I bought tickets via Fandango to see BvS, it came with free comics, including the first issue of WW Blood (new 52). WW Blood got me completely hooked on comics.

  • Favorite character: Superman, Wonder Woman

  • Recommendations for newbies:
    Movies-Superman the Movie, the Batman 1989 series, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman: Under the Redhood, and Young Justice
    Comics-New 52 Aquaman

  • Casting: I’m enjoying all of the castings of WW and Superman

  • Non DC interests: Red Sonja; volunteer work in my community, all things space related to space exploration, Disneyland (my favorite ride is space mountain), working out (I wish I was more consistent with it though :wink:

  • I like pineapple on pizza.


My name is Reaganfan78, my late friend got me into comics when we went to a comic con in Portland. The first comic I got was the Batman Adventures #1, that was a start of my comic collections for six years.
Years ago I was born with a kidney failure, at first my Doctor didn’t think I would live long, God had a different plan for me, I grew up getting healthy, never been on dialysis. When I was 22 I had a kidney transplant, my aunt was a donor. It’s been 18 years now since the transplant, I’ve been blessed with such a great life. I enjoy watching movies and play video games. :grinning:


@Digidax, that’s an amazing list! You’ll have to teach me about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold one of these days. I loved Blue Beetle in The Brave and The Bold, but haven’t explored him or Booster G. much elsewhere.

@ComicBookJedi80, welcome welcome! We’re very much on the same page when it comes to “our” Batman, Michael Keaton remains the apple of my eye and I can’t imagine him as anything other than a rough and tumble street fighter. We have great taste :wink:

@JLWWSM, I’ve heard of you! I didn’t know you did volunteer work, that’s amazing! I’d love to hear more about that if you’re willing to share sometime. I bet a lot of folks here have crossover with an interest in space exploration, it’d be cool to have a thread about that sometime. :heart_eyes:

@Reaganfan78, what an incredible story! You’re like a superhero in your own right! Please tell your aunt she has our deepest gratitude for making sure you’re here today, you definitely seem to make the most of your life by being kind and considerate. Hopefully we get some more DC games in 2019!


I am from Illinois. The Batman Show brought me into the world of DC, The court of owls brought me into comics. Redhood is my favorite. (All criminals should be scared cause I’m coming for you). I recommend watching Justice league Unlimited or the original one. YJ is also an amazing show because it introduces a ton of characters. I love watching basketball and soccer. And I love pineapple on pizza.


Hi Everyone,
I’m Joe from Orange County, New York
The first comic I read was in the back of a spider-man encyclopedia. I fell in love with the shared universe that exists in comics. what really got me hooked was Scott Snyder’s New 52 Batman. My favorite superhero is buddy baker Animal man. Ultimately the hero’s and villains from the Red, Green, and the Rot are hands down my favorite icons. As far as casting goes I would love to see Jensen Ackles fill hawkman’s role in a movie or series. Outside of the fandom I’m working towards a wildlife technician degree in hopes to work with Fish and Wildlife or Natural resource conservation services. I’ve done several projects related to owls including behavioral studies, rehabilitation efforts, and endangered species surveys with NYSDEC. I’m a keeper of records and encounters from the paranormal and supernatural world and hope to catalogue and save peoples stories in hopes to one day bring these happenings to the light of scientific study. Pineapple on pizza is welcome on my plate any day.


-I’m from Arizona
-My first name is the last name of a beloved DC character
-I got into comics when I was six via the Toy Biz Batman action figure, the Adam West Batman show and Tim Burton’s Batman. Got into the comics thanks to the Batman cereal having a mail-away promotion for The Untold Legend of the Batman mini-series.
-Perfect casting belongs to Christopher Reeve above all others, bar none in the live action efforts. There are a ton of genius castings in the animated stuff.
-DC comics I recommend to new fans: anything by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Jim Lee
-DC movie I recommend to NF: Superman: The Movie
-DC TV shows I RTNF: Adam West Batman, Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, BTAS, STAS, Smallville JLU, GLTAS and YJ
-Other stuff: I’m a writer, I love redheads, I collect action figures, I love cats
-Pineapple on pizza is o-tay!


Hi everybody, I’m BatBoy1138 (Joseph Golden) and this is my DC Universe:

  1. I’m from Philadelphia, PA

  2. What got me into comics was a mix of both watching Batman The Animated Series on tv and seeing Batman Begins in theaters which was my first Batman film I’ve ever seen.

  3. My favorite DC character is obviously Batman because he was the first DC character that I was ever introduced to and his stories supporting characters and villains always made me come back for more of them.

  4. A great starting point for reading the comics for me would be The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, The New 52 Justice League run by Geoff Johns and for young kids, Young Justice old and current by both Peter David and Greg Weisman respectively. The TV shows I would recommend would be Batman The Animated Series, Young Justice, Arrow (2012 live action show)and The Flash (2014 live action show). The movies that I would recommend are Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Man Of Steel.

  5. My personal favorite casting has to be Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League because he represented a version of the character that I’ve always wanted to see on the big screen and that his action scenes were some of the best Batman anything that I’ve ever seen!

  6. My other non-DC interests include playing video games, especially on my Nintendo Switch, Star Wars (hence the 1138 in my username) and watching horror films/television like A Nightmare on Elm Street or American Horror Story.

  7. No I do not like pineapple on my pizza but I do t fault anyone who does like pineapple on their pizza. It’s all subjective!

Thank you for letting us get to talk about ourselves here! I apologize if this was a little too long but I’m just buzzing with thoughts! I can’t wait to see what comes next on DC Universe!


I live in Seattle right now. I first got in to comics around the time marvel published Secret Empire. I was introduced to the marvel characters with MU and eventually started reading the first volume of every rebirth series illegally and then took my favorite series and started collecting their lines.
-superman/action comics/ supersons
-aquaman/(about to but Mera Queen of Atlantis)(
-batman (king run)

Oh my name is my username


Oops, forgot my favorite character.

Batman was my favorite from when I was six until about twenty five or so, with Superman a close second. Then Superman tied with Batman and finally eclipsed him.

Superman has it all and then some. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a boy scout (they are held in high regard for a reason y’know). Helping people, setting an excellent example, doing the right thing even when it’s not the popular thing, and more reasons galore than I can think of offhand ATM are why Superman is the absolute greatest bad@$$ of all comic book characters. He’s also one of the top three characters in popular entertainment and always will be.

I always get an inner tickle of joy when I read or hear “This looks like a job…for Superman!” He truly is the absolute best!

  1. Originally from Dalton, GA.

  2. Christopher Reeve Superman films, Batman TAS, and Smallville got me into DC Comics (Read primarily Marvel before)

  3. Favorite Hero is Superman…Favorite Villian is Darkseid

  4. John Byrnes Superman run was my launching off point to DC and Post-Crisis is my favorite version of the character. Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and the follow up Dark Victory are my favorite graphic novels.

  5. Perfect casting would be Mark Hamill as the Joker. Live action…hard to beat Christopher Reeve ( I think Henry Cavill is awesome and needs a sequel).

  6. I love pineapple on Pizza.


Hey all,
I’m from Montana
My uncle got me into comics with old issues of Hellboy
My favorite DC character is probably either Constantine, Superman, or Wally West
I generally recommend CWs Flash or Smallville to people that haven’t watched or read anything comic related
Matt Ryan is pretty spot on for Constantine, Tom Welling is my Superman, and I think Iko Uwais would be amazing as Karate Kid if they ever add more Legionaries to Supergirl or Flash.
Outside of DC, I’m interested in martial arts films and playing video games.
And yes, Pineapple is great on a BBQ Chicken Pizza.


I’m from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. I sorta got myself into comic and got totally obsessed with Barbara Gordon. Clearly my favorite character is Babs/Batgirl/Oracle. I recommend Young Justice, it’s amazing! I can’t pick a person I would want to play Babs in live action, but I love Barbara’s voice actress in YJ. When I’m not dc geeking I like to write and draw. Yes, I accept pineapple on my pizza. My name is Barbara’s online chat handle(Birds of Prey):wink:


I’m from California.

I got into DC through DC animation like Justice League, JL Unlimited, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, The Batman, and Legion of Super Heroes. I also would watch Smallville and the Birds of Prey TV show. I would catch Batman Forever and Batman and Robin on TV. I actually like those movies and that Dick Grayson :heart_eyes:

I got into comics from reading Wonder Woman. My town’s library was small and they didn’t have a book I needed for school, so I had to go to the library a town over (about an hour on the city bus with my mom) and that’s where I first read a Wonder Woman comic. I would buy Wonder Woman comics whenever I would see one in a comic store (which was rare). I didn’t know about pull lists or anything, I really got into reading comics during the New 52. I’ve bought every issue that’s come out for WW’s solo title since then. The Power Couple got me to start reading other books besides WW’s solo.

As for other interests, I love Buffy, Tekken, Pokemon, reading, etc.

Pizza with pineapple toppings is fine by me, but I never order it.