DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself!

Time to revisit and update this. Hawkman is my favorite hero. There I’m done. Also welcome to any newcomers!

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I’m Jake age 35 born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. Love DC Comics I even think my wife get jealous. I would like to know how to get one of those awesome boxes filled with goodies.


Be a really nice person on the DCU, be active, and just spend time building relationships with fellow fans.


Thanks @MissInkBlot! Introverts unite!

Comic wise, I’ve started with a couple of story lines I’ve seen mentioned in my travels… Red Son, The Long Halloween, currently going through Blackest Night. Since there’s SO many, I’m not too sure where to start, but I figured those might be good.
And I’ll take a look at those threads, maybe I can find some stuff to contribute.


Hi everyone!
I’m Travis, hence the T in my name. I’m a graduate student in ethnomusicology at the University of Hawai‘i. I recently got married to the man of my dreams, but he has to stay in his home country of the Philippines to fulfill a visa requirement (It’s a long story…), so while he’s away for a year I’m trying not to be too sad and lonely by catching up on some DC stuff I’ve kind of gotten behind on in the last few years. So please everyone, keep me busy! :grin:

Here are the answers to the questions above:

  1. Where are you from? The first state (Delaware)
  2. What or who got you into comics? I grew up in the best time for DC animated stuff, so that’s what got me into comics. I started out watching B:TAS (I still have a B:TAS blanket from when I was 3) and it grew from there.
  3. Do you have a favorite DC character, either superhero or villain? Batman. Hands down.
  4. What comic, TV show, or movie do you recommend to people who have never read comics before? Oh boy, I would recommend B:TAS, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Court of Owls.
  5. What’s your perfect casting of your favorite character? Um… Idk if anyone could be a PERFECT Batman. I like Val Kilmer and Ben Affleck’s Batman though (even if their suits and the stories weren’t the best).
  6. What are some of your other, non-DC interests? I’m obsessed with music, a devout Buddhist, and I also like Japanese culture and language (I spent two years working in Japan and got certified in tea ceremony and the shakuhachi flute).
  7. Do you accept pineapple on your pizza? No. Never. Pineapple on pizza is an abomination.

Hello @tshaver!
Congratulations on your marriage! We will certainly try to help distract you until he returns. Might I suggest our 2020 Reading Challenge that @MissInkBlot mentioned earlier, as well as our ABC Reading Challenge I’ve found both very enjoyable.
( I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for my love of pineapples on pizza :grin: )


Nice to meet you Travis, that’s my middle name.


Hello @black_bat and welcome!
I grew up mostly on DC, but Marvel naturally made it’s way in my heart. I’m glad to hear you are “happily mature” enough to appreciate both :grin: (great description because honestly I know so many people who aren’t, bless their hearts)
Loving your wide list of suggestions! Something for everyone.
Also, Non-DC Interests :heart: :heart: :laughing: I haven’t tried the DC Universe Online, but I will certainly check it out.


Hello @LDFM (fellow introvert :grin:)
DC Universe has been the only community so far that I’ve felt comfortable joining. Everyone has been so great and I hope we get to see you more in the forums.
I heartily agree on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Best. Wonder Woman. EVER. As much as I love and honor Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot is perfection in my eyes.
Oh, and it is so nice to know I’m not alone in my love of Hawaiian Pizza. I have not tried pineapple on my hamburger, but I will definitely try it.


It seems like a great community! A lot of the time it just seems that I don’t have a lot to say anyways. I like to listen and observe, hahaha.
I’m really hoping with the upcoming WW84 movie, she’ll maybe promote some Conventions. I also started the old Wonder Woman show with Lynda, it’s fun! I like the '66 Batman stuff and its in the same wheelhouse by the looks of it. I like my dark and gritty DC, but also enjoy pure cheesiness.
Red Robin (the restaurant) has a Banzai burger, that has pineapple. If you have one of those around. Haven’t eaten there in years, but I had that last time I was there.


Thanks @NovellPaladin! I’ll definitely check out the reading challenges, I appreciate the suggestions.

(I guess I’ll give you a pass on the pineapple pizza :laughing:)


Thanks for the welcome @NovellPaladin! If you really do plan on checking out DC Universe Online, let me know! Would enjoy showing someone new around Gotham, Metropolis, the Watchtower, the Hall of Doom, and so many other iconic locations! And the in-game cinematics by Jim Lee are incredible.


Hi there! I’m from Michigan (but not in or around Detroit) my dad got me into comics mainly spider-man and other Marvel characters although him and I did watch BTAS as a kid.

Probably favorite DC character at the moment is WW but I do love joker

I usually recommend if someone’s not into comics the MCU or I personally am loving and have been showing people the Harley Quinn show

Perfect casting I have to say is Gal Gadot as WW its everything I imagine, strong, learning to blend in but truly loving people and life. Ugh so perfect

As for non dc interests I cant recommend Bojack enough

Pineapple on pizza is unacceptable but not as bad as anchovies


Hey everyone. My name is Shawn and I’m from the Scranton, PA area. My late father got me into comics, he was a huge Superman fan. I miss him every day.

My favorite DC Character is Batman, again thanks to my dad who took me to Batman 89 when he probably shouldn’t have, I was 5 haha.

For my non comic friends I usually recommend the CW shows as they are generally crowd pleasers.

I’m partial to Batfleck, but I’m excited for Battinson.

Outside of comics I myself work on the Independent Wrestling scene,so I am a pro wrestling fan.

Anything can go on a pizza if it makes you happy folks. Live and love your truth.


So many new additions to our community! This is awesome! :smiley:

Let me start by welcoming you to our community, @jsmsiggy! To answer your question, we do sometimes reward particularly exceptional members of our community, those who prove themselves to be incredible assets and wonderful friends to everyone here. :slight_smile:

Likewise, a warm welcome to you too, @tshaver, and congratulations! I can assure you, there’s plenty here on DC Universe to keep you busy while you wait for your husband to come back home. With any luck he’ll be back with you very soon. :heart: In the meantime, we’re thrilled to have you here. There are certainly other members who share your love for Batman, so please feel free to make a few friends.

I’d like to welcome you as well, @LDFM! :smiley: I’m also super excited for the new Wonder Woman movie. I think Gal really captured everything that I wanted to see from a live action version of Wonder Woman. She’s strong, talented, and utterly relentless in doing what she thinks is right. I adore her portrayal. Like you, the balance of dark and cheesy is just so much fun.

Hello to you @pattyice420! :slight_smile: I just finished gushing about Gal above, so I think it’s fair to say that we share an appreciation for her portrayal of the character. I’m also so happy to hear that your father got you into comics. It always warms my heart to hear how a passion for comics can make a family grow closer.

Last, but certainly not least, let me formally welcome you, @Scar29! If memory serves, we’ve spoken a few times before, but it’s still a pleasure to get to know all of our wonderful members a bit better. I am very sorry to hear about your father’s passing and hope that you’ll be able to find comfort connecting with your shared passion. If you ever do need to talk, this community is here for you.


Thanks for the kind words @MissInkBlot! If you ever DO give DCUO a spin, let me know! Would be happy to show you around a bit!


Thanks for the shout out and yes I would absolutely love to win or be sent something for my DC bookshelf!


Sounds great! I’ll give you a shout out when I join. (I draw the line at games while at work :laughing:) It’s been a while since I even played so it will be an adjustment.


Hi there @pattyice420. Welcome to the community!:slightly_smiling_face: I agree with you, anchovies on pizza aren’t for me either.


Welcome to the community! @tshaver, @LDFM, @Scar29, and @jsmsiggy :slightly_smiling_face:
Sorry I’m late.