DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself!

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Hey, I’m a lapsed fan coming back after the New 52/DCYou/Rebirth confusion.

Got into super heroes through shows like Teen Titans and Justice League. I really enjoyed characters like John Stewart & Raven. Their power sets spoke to me and then I got to know the characters behind them.

Current favorite is Cassandra Cain (I have a lot of her solo Batgirl series). Also trying to learn more about Todd Rice/Obsidian. I like the mental health aspects of these characters. They’ve seen the darker sides of humanity and still choose to fight for good while living unique, authentic lives. I’d like to see more of both tbh.

I really like what DC put out around the Infinite Crisis era: Teen Titans, Outsiders, Manhunter, 52, the list goes on. It felt like a time when you could get to know who you were reading without it being erased in a year. Maybe that’s just my own limited perspective though.

I’m currently reading Manhunter & Infinity Inc for the Obsidian content. I need more queer mental health stories! Especially ones where people aren’t vilified for having mental health issues.

Loving Titans on here! Also Doom Patrol but that show is draining. Harley Quinn is fine as far as MH and feminism go but it’s not really pushing the envelope for me yet.

Still looking for the show to push Legion from the top spot. Could be Titans. Could be something else. But rn, Legion is the standard bearer for me. Obsidian could beat it with meeting me at the intersections of queerness & mental health but I don’t see them doing that anytime soon. You never know though


Hi @Piel! Welcome to the forums - it’s a joy to have you! :slight_smile:
Your interest in the particular characters and shows that you mentioned is really interesting, especially hearing about what it is that stands out for you most, from each one’s power sets, to each character’s background story. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself with us; we love hearing what you like and feel could use adjustment, and appreciate your taking the time to give so much feedback!

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Now that we are officially in Year Two, I suppose it’s time I filled this thing out.

I am originally from the Bay Area, but have lived in Oklahoma for a very long time now. The weather here is more erratic than purple-wearing clowns, but at least the rent it cheap.

I cannot remember the exact thing that introduced me to comic book material, but it was one of a handful of things. Reruns of Batman '66 on Oakland channel 2 as a kid, The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series, or perhaps just the appearances of a certain Spider-Dude on The Electric Company. I honestly don’t remember a time before I had those three things in my life. I can tell you however, the first comic I remember owning. It was The Flash vol 1 number 313.


I was fascinated by people who could run fast, as I never could as a child. This comic has been woven into the fabric of my memory ever since. I was instantly a fan of the medium.

As a result of this story, and the back-up story, my two favorite DC Hero characters of all time are The Flash and Doctor Fate. If you ever get a chance to pick up a collection called “The Immortal Dr. Fate”, which collects all of these back-up stories, you will see why. In particular, I was fascinated by the way Nabu and Kent Nelson weren’t enough by without combining with Inza to defeat one of the villains. While perhaps too young to fully grasp the nuances of what I was reading at the time, I knew I was on to something unique.
Since then, I have collected many more favorite characters on the bookshelves in my mind. I have loved every iteration of Fate, even the one with the knife. Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Booster Gold, the list goes on.
One question, that didn’t get asked, but I think is quite important is: Who is your favorite Green Lantern. Mine is Kyle, followed by Jessica. Then John, Hal, Simon…last on the list would be Guy. It was Kyle’s insecurity as a hero that drew me to him. Of the first four of Earth’s GLs he felt the most human. At least at the time. I haven’t read as much of Jessica as I would like, but her struggles with the Earth-3 power ring are compelling. The way she was used in the recent Justice League vs. The Fatal Five movie was brilliant.
My favorite villain is Darkseid, hands-down. He’s evil, he knows it, and he just doesn’t care. He believes that crushing all free-will is the best thing he can do for the universe, but the ultimate security he believes that will create is just a bonus to having Ultimate Power, which is of course the real goal.

My favorite in-betweener is John Constantine. His unfortunate habit of loosing people to win battles, and the guilt and shame that come with it are intriguing. His inability to stay out of the thick of things, even when he’s trying to do just that is also compelling.

For recommending comics, I have to echo a few others here and say DC: The New Frontier. It not only gives you the general idea of comics, but also the importance of the history of them. The fact that it gives you several origin stories doesn’t hurt either.

As far as other media as an introduction to comics, I would have to say the Justice League/JLU animated series would be a good introduction, or Young Justice, for all of the same reasons I mention for The New Frontier. I would recommend The New Frontier movie, but it glosses over the Golden Age stuff too quickly, and I think that stuff was important to feeling out the weight of history in that book.

As far as casting of my favorite characters, I think Grant has already nailed The Flash. He really has grown into that role quite well.
Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) would be a harder choice, because it depends on several factors such as at what point in his career are we casting him from? If you start at the beginning when he was aged from a boy to a man in a matter of minutes, I think Tom Hopper could pull off that blank slate very well. If we are looking towards the end of his career, Ron Pearlman would be an excellent choice for the grizzled veteran.

Some of my non-DC interests are obviously being long-winded, poetry, being a fan of music, and obsessing over the minutiae of creation.

If someone hands me a slice of pizza with pineapple on it, I will gladly eat it, but have never gone out my way to order it.


What an in-depth introduction! Thank you so much for letting us get to know you a bit better, @Matt_Urish. It’s wonderful to have you as a member of the community and I’m very glad to be able to formally welcome you to DC Universe - even if you have been here for quite some time now. :smile:


Greetings all,

What or who got you into comics?
Read them very young, but not much past my teens. Harder to read them with my old eyes now, but will always enjoy them.

Do you have a favorite DC character, either superhero or villain?
Superman, Harley Quinn
Villain: Lex Luther

What comic, TV show, or movie do you recommend to people who have never read comics before?
Original Batman Adam West/Burt Ward and Wonder Woman 70s with Lynda Carter

What’s your perfect casting of your favorite character?
Christopher Reeve as Superman
Margot Kidder as Lois Lane

What are some of your other, non-DC interests?
Am an active movie and TV blogger. Review all new films and some TV shows. Am reviewing Harley Quinn TV series.

Do you accept pineapple your pizza?
No pineapples, but liberally use Tabasco sauce on pizza, if that counts.


Hey guys! I’m excited to be a part of the community. Hadn’t introduced myself yet though, so here goes!
I’m from Texas, all over the state. My dad got me into comics with Spider-Man as a kid and as I grew up I got more into all sorts of comics. Favorite DC Character is the one who got me into it all, Jason Todd (I know, trash-tier Robin is best!).

Depending on the person, what they enjoy taste wise, I would recommend a lot of different stories and characters (it’s literally my job) but if I had to pick one…probably would recommend a self contained story like All-Star Superman or the like. I also tend to recommend Supergirl (CW show) and Batman the Animated Series. :bat:
Perfect casting for Jason Todd? I think Jensen Ackles has the voice but that Curat (sp?) Walters guy on Titans is ON IT! :gun: Hope they put him in a movie.

Outside of the DC community I work 2 different jobs, the fun one being a comic shop! I am seriously in love with some indie titles like Black Hammer and Die and cannot WAIT to read more. I just really love to read honestly. Occasionally I run Dungeons and Dragons, because I adore stories.



Hi y’all I’m Elizabeth Smith a 23 year old college student from Louisiana
You can never go wrong with the animated series for an introduction, as for comics The long Halloween, Hush amd of course The court of Owls do nicely as introductions to Batman.
I first got into DC, watching Justice League with my father. Batman: Court of owls got me into the comics, and remains one of my favorite storylines. I’m a Marvel fan as well, and I’ve recently gotten into The Boys thanks to the Amazon prime series.

As for other things I’m into as most of you can probably see from my profile picture I’m an anime fan. My favorite manga is still Kuroshitsuji. I’m also newly into DnD.
I hate all things pineapple so…yeah I don’t like it on pizza ether.


@Todd_Russell - Hello, and greetings! :slight_smile: Thank you for the introduction! I’m not sure we’ve seen someone mention Tabasco, but I’m intrigued, lol. I say it certainly counts as something worth mentioning, and bet it packs a wallop of a punch. :stuck_out_tongue: Curious, when you were younger, what comics did you end up liking most? And was there a specific show or movie that got you into blogging?

@Lexi0900 - Hi there! We’re pleased to hear you’re excited to be a part of the community, and are just as happy to have you join us! :slight_smile: Working at a comic shop like you do sounds like a dream job - I hope you get the chance to catch up on reading when things get slow! Since you mentioned your dad getting you into comics, did he also read them himself at the time?

@eliz.smith.59172 - Welcome, Elizabeth! I agree with your sentiment on animated series - there are so many great options to choose from, and judging by the range of what you mention being interested in, it sounds like someone asking you for recommendations would come away with some serious gems. :slight_smile: It sounds like you’re going to fit in wonderfully with our fellow anime fans, as well!


Thanks @MissInkBlot - Iron Man and Incredible Hulk and EC Comics horror (Tales from the Crypt). Read a bit of Superman, but honestly didn’t read much DC. Never got into Batman in the comics, but liked the 1966 TV show a lot. Have always enjoyed the DC villains better than the superheroes,

No specific movie or TV show got me into blogging. Am a fan of several though.

My wife and I got the Regal Unlimited Pass a few months ago, so we are seeing literally everything new coming out in the theaters these days.

I was an active tech blogger from 2003-2009, then worked on some fiction writing, took a break from being very active on the web and returned in August 2019 when I started keeping track of all the movies watched and rewatched by adding short, non-spoiler reviews to the site Letterboxd. This was mostly so I could keep track of everything seen on all the various streaming channels we subscribed to as well as in the theater.

Kept wanting to keep notes about upcoming movies and TV shows and unfortunately, that site didn’t offer any sort of blogging, so started a new movie and TV blog. Sort of has expanded from there. It’s still very much a passion project, though, but it’s gaining readers here and there.

I joined here to follow promotion in and around Birds of Prey / Harley and Wonder Woman 1984. Sort of gotten me back into comics though because none of the other streaming channels I subscribe to offer any comic books. Totally digging that! I see there is a Kindle app for DCU so going to get that installed soon. Have been reading the comics here on my phone, because I just can’t get that into reading comics on a laptop with my old, tired eyes.

Way more info than you asked for, but thank you again for the follow-up!


Oh, sweet! i found the introduction thread, awesome! Hi everyone! =)

I’m from Pennsylvania originally, But i recently moved to Maryland. O,o It’s surprisingly pretty cool out here in MoCo!

As for what got me into comics… mmm, it all started when i was about eight. Myself and my parents were living in NYC around that time, and what started it for me was the same exact thing that started it for most other kids for generations, Curiosity at a convenience store while grabbing snacks. :smirk: I used to frequent this convenience store that was right beneath our apartment building, and my friend’s father owned it. He had comics in his store’s inventory on the norm. And eventually i was helping him with things around the shop whenever he would ask for a hand. Eventually, out of his own generosity, he figured out whenever i was hanging out at the store i would read a comic. So, whenever he felt like it, he would gift me a free issue of literally anything that was around on the shelves, from DC to Marvel, from Valiant to Dark Horse. (And even some oddball titles/publishers here-and-there.) phew that was a long story. :joy:

Favorite DC Superhero/Villain. Mmm! two tough ones. Growing up i was always more partial to Marvel stuff, but DC stuff was always equally fantastic in my opinion. Favorite DC Hero would have to be hands down Superman, for reasons David Carradine perfectly broke down in Kill Bill vol. 2 during his monologue scene. (Granted, it was scripted, but it hit close to home) As for my favorite DC Villain… It’s most definitely The Joker if that wasn’t already obvious. Watching ‘The Killing Joke’ as a kid made The Joker the creepiest and most menacing of them all in my books. EDIT: Whoops, got confused. I meant Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (2000). Not the 2016 release of ‘The Killing Joke’ Lol. I gotta see if Return of The Joker is available on stream, i’d love to watch that later on after the new episode of Harley Quinn.

A comic, TV Show or Movie i should recommend for someone who has never read comics before;
The best i could do for someone who hasn’t read comics before, is recommend doing what i did. And i feel bad saying this on a DC community board, buy hey, it’s what started it for me and got me into literally everything else superhero-related.
Start off with literally anything X-Men.

Perfect casting for a favorite character; That’s a no brainer, and it’s been done. Heath Ledger for The Joker! He was the greatest on-screen Joker we’ve seen, a nod to the legend.

“What are some of your other, non-DC interests?”
Anything Marvel, and some other titles from Valiant like Turok for example.

“Do you accept pineapple on your pizza?”
Had it in Hawaii, never having it again.
…Not that it was ‘bad’, but for me it was just a one-and-done spur of the moment type thing.

Thanks so much for reading this, i wish you all a happy new year!


I actually joined several months ago and somehow completely missed the introduction thread. My apologies.
Where are you from? I am from a small town near Akron, OH
What or who got you into comics? I was always interested due to growing up watching Superman and Batman, but the credit would have to go to the Girl of Steel. My desire to know more about her story made me finally start delving into the comic realm.
Do you have a favorite DC character, either superhero or villain? Favorite superhero is, of course, Supergirl. Favorite villain currently is the Batman Who Laughs.
What comic, TV show, or movie do you recommend to people who have never read comics before? That is a hard question because it depends on the person. Probably Batman Begins only because I feel like you don’t have to have a previous love for all things superhero to fully enjoy the films. I hope that makes sense…
What’s your perfect casting of your favorite character? Melissa Benoist was already cast :wink:
What are some of your other, non-DC interests? I love reading in general. I collect Funkos, pins, books, notebooks, movies and tv shows. I love art. I write whenever I can and love discussing stories with fellow enthusiasts.
Do you accept pineapple on your pizza? I AM one of those weird girls who enjoys pineapple on her pizza. I make no apologies about it, but I will happily buy you your own pizza so you don’t starve.

I love being a part of the DCU Community, and getting to have introverted fellowship with all of you!


Hey! i was actually collecting some Funkos today,
If there’s like an ‘Fye’ music store anywhere near you, you can grab 'em for $5 bucks a piece.

I grabbed like two golden Chewbacca bobbleheads over there a week before Christmas.


This came out of nowhere and apparently its been around for a while. Are we sure this thread belongs to this dimension, cause like @NovellPaladin said I joined a while back and I am now just this.


I’m from Louisiana
My dad got me in to dc
My favorite hero is Batman and my favorite villain is Mr freeze
I would recommend the dark Knight trilogy and CW shows
One of my favorite Characters is Nightwing And if Tom Cruise was younger he would make a very good Nightwing
My Favorite non-DC interests are Star Wars overwatch and call of duty
I do not except pineapple on my pizza


Thanks! There is one, but it’s not necessarily close. I’ll have to make sure I head over there soon :grin:

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From Eastern WA. I have always loved a good story. Though I will admit it was the art in comics that got me into reading them :smiley: My Favorite character is, no surprise, Batman and the Joker. I cant help but to love the true duality of the characters. I would recommend the new Harley Quinn series. I think it stays true to who and what they represent. I guess I am on the Heath Ledger band wagon. I was just really impressed how he truly immersed himself into the character. He dug really deep :smiley: Non DC interest’s is music!!! I teach guitar, bass, piano, drums, music theory and composition :smiley: I love music!!! YES!!! i love pineapple on pizza lol go figure oO


love the pineapple!!!


Welcome to DC Universe, everyone! It’s great to see so many new users joining the fun and we’re thrilled to have you here.

Hi @JokerxQuinn, it’s good to meet you! I loved reading about how you got into comics. It really sounds like you have some precious memories about your time in that shop. It was really so nice of your friend’s father to help cultivate your love of comics. Thank you so much for letting us take a peek into what helped form your passion for comics.

I also wanted to welcome you, @NovellPaladin! Please don’t apologize for the delayed introduction, it was nice seeing you just jump into being a valued member of the community. :smile: That said, I’m very glad to be able to welcome you formally. It certainly sounds like you have a lot to share about comics as well and it’s great to hear just how passionate you are about Batman and Superman. I also think The Batman Who Laughs is a terrifyingly effective villain and there are definitely other members here who would agree as well.

And a very warm hello to you, @red.hood.riding! As I said with NovellaPaladin, there’s nothing at all wrong with popping by to say hi after getting to know the community. It’s great to have you here. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to our community @Thebatman.7002! I always love to hear about families who help to share their passion with their loved ones. I think it’s just a fantastic way to pass on a love for art and literature. It’s also great to see how it led you to our community. Thank you for sharing your story and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the DC CW shows! There are a few threads covering that new content, so please feel free to dive right in.

And last, but certainly not least, hello @armstudios82.25782. It seems we have quite a few new Batman threads joining us and it’s a pleasure to have you here as well. Personally, I’m also a huge fan of Heath Ledger’s Joker. I think he was appropriately unpredictable and horrifying and I really enjoyed how subtle he could be. :smiley: I’m also very interested to see how your love for music will help you find a place here. I believe MissInkBlot regularly posts threads about music and her latest one was Mixtape Monday: What Are you Favorite Holiday Songs. Please do feel free to jump in and join the fun!


@Todd_Russell - Despite not reading much DC, that’s still a great list, both for comics, and your choice of TV series! I’ve not read “Tales from the Crypt” in a long time, so that’s a nice blast from the past to hear again (I tend to root for villains, too, so I’m with you there, lol). :hushed: Your getting into blogging by transitioning from tech to media sounds like it’s been a fun journey, as well, and I hope your readership continues to grow, especially now as we enter into the new year! :slight_smile:

Oh, and no worries at all about giving more info. I love the chance to get to know new members of our DC Family, so both you, and all the information shared, are warmly welcomed! We hope you enjoy your time here, and are glad there’s so much on the service you’re interested in, from the comics to the other types of content offered!