DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself!

My name is Max & I am a DC addict! To answer in order:

  • I am from & live in Yellow Springs, Ohio!
  • A lot of stuff got me into comics & super hero characters. 80s cartoons like SuperFriends, Batman, Super Power Hour w/SHAZAM!, Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends, etc. My parents also got me a toy Batmobile with Batman, Robin & Joker figures. As I learned to read, comics were stocking stuffers at Xmas. I got hooked!
  • My favorite hero is Batman, but a close second is the original Captain Marvel, AKA Shazam! A favorite villain is Black Adam, especially with all the cool stuff Geoff Johns did with him in JSA & since! He is one complex badass! But I love SO MANY DCU characters! It’s hard to narrow it down! Honorable mentions go to the Ted Kord Blue Beetle & Booster Gold!
  • If I had to name one comic to show to non-comics readers, it’s Watchmen hands down. Batman the Animated Series for show & the recent SHAZAM! Movie for a good film.
  • Perfect casting would be Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach in the Watchmen film.
  • Non-DC interests: I do like Marvel stuff, though haven’t read much modern stuff other than the amazing Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat series a few years back. I also love action figures & occasionally make dioramas for them & do photography. I also love cooking & work as a baker at a local restaurant.
  • Do I accept pineapple on pizza?!? Hell yes! A local pizza joint Bentino’s does a mean Hawaiian Deluxe pizza with ham, pineapple, bell peppers, almonds, bacon & a hint of cinnamon! It’s amazing.

Spent the first 14 months of my DC Universe subscription not using the social community stuff, though always meant to—starting with this thread. I never did but my subscription just renewed & I want to participate in this New Year! So what’s up DCU? Nice to meetcha & Happy New Year!


They put almonds on it!? That sounds amazing!

I know… of all things to take from that, but what can I say. I’m a foodie. :smile:

Absolutely agree with you concerning Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach btw

Happy New Year to you as well! You’re off to a great start

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Colorado Springs, CO
Always enjoyed DC comics (Marvel to a lesser extent) as a kid growing up in the 70’s - they inspired me to take up drawing and eventually writing my own, just for fun.
Favorite characters include Aquaman, Hawkman and Martian Manhunter.
Favorite animated show would be Archer, but I have to say this new Harley Quinn show on here is giving it a real run for the money.
Favorite casting is easily Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor for voice acting and J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson in live action.
Interests include music, bass and guitar, concerts at Red Rocks, fishing, kayaking, hiking, professional cooking, all manner of sports, videogames and movies.
As for Pizza, for me, less is more…nothing beats a perfect Margherita Pie. A fan of pineapple, but would much rather grill it or infuse a nice tropical concoction with it!


@rabidlaughter - Hey there! Welcome, and thank you for sharing with us :slight_smile: Your recomendations are interesting… what about The Killing Joke makes you recommend it to first timers? And since you mentioned having collectibles, what sort do you prefer to collect most? (saw your recent posts in the collector’s corner, by the way - fantastic shares!)

@maxdlake.87705 - Welcome fellow pineapple lover! :slight_smile: We’re happy to have you join us on the community forums, and hope you have a wonderful time here! Loving how wide-ranging your interests in comics and characters are - with so many, I don’t blame you on having a hard time narrowing down! There are so many good ones to try and decide between. I’m so with you on recommending Watchmen to others (and the Rorschach casting), as well, though. :wink:

@NovellPaladin - it’s a good thing to take from that post… I noticed it, too! I’m used to the usual Hawaiian pizza with just ham (maybe chicken, too) and pineapple, but now I want to make my own just to add all the extra ingredients mentioned, lol. Happy New Year’s to you! :slight_smile:

@jpchef62.41965 - Greetings, and a warm welcome to you! Thanks for the intro, as well as the great list of choices and interests shared! I think you might be the only one to have mentioned Margherita Pie on here (do you make them professionally? Asking since you spoke of professional cooking), as well as Archer, maybe (though that’s a fav animated series for me, too so I feel you!). :slight_smile: Since you mentioned playing bass and guitar, do you perform as a part of a band, or prefer just to play for self-interest?


@MissInkBlot. Thank you for replying to me. And to answer your question as to why i tend to recommend “the killing joke” to first timers is because if they really pay attention to the characters, the story, the just amazing voice over work i think it will actually just suck them right into the DC universe as it did me. I was hooked from the moment i first read thre novel, not to mention when i saw the movie also. And if they really do pay attention i think they will start to come up with their own conclusions about the ending. And that means more discussions about it here. I’ve seen “the killing joke” probably 50 times and can’t remember how many times I’ve read the novel, and i still debate the ending of the movie and the novel with my fellow nerds. In a very mature way i might add. So i personally think recommending it will really emerse them into our world that we call the DC universe. As for my collecting goes, i lean more towards DC, but i also collect star wars, i started collecting when i was about 10 years old. And i won’t say how long I’ve been collecting lol. I also love to read my DC comics and novels, my star wars books, LOTR books and just loads of science fiction as well.

That’s just a few i put on here that i enjoy reading to.


@rabidlaughter - of course! Thank you for taking so much time to reply with your explanation as well! :slight_smile: I like the way you think, especially when it comes to liking more ambiguous endings. When they’re done really well, they not only inspire some pretty deep thoughts, but can leave such a lasting impression (in other ways, but definitely in the way you describe, still debating the ending even after experiencing it so often).

No worries on how long you’ve been collecting - the longer the better! I’m just getting started on mine, so I get such a kick out of seeing how varied, and extensive others’ are, along with what awesome finds they manage to come across over the years! Don’t blame you on collecting from so many franchises. It leaves you always on the lookout for the good stuff. :wink:


I’ve been collecting for almost 30 years, and you’re right about collecting from more than just 1 particular franchise, i find it therapeutic and relaxing plus the more i know the smarter i sound at work lol. If I’m being honest with myself “the killing joke” outs what really started me off on all this i was so intrigued with it, it’s almost like having an addiction, but in a good way lol,i know that can sound wrong especially if someone suffers from addiction. Plus like i said before i really enjoy reading the novels, books, comics ext ext, I’m binge watching Constantine the series right now, and that’s another one I’m very big into. Just sucks they only did 1 season but I’ve got comics and some animated movies with him that curbs my thirst. I also really like all the history there is to just emerse myself in. Just loads and loads of it you know. What do you collect?


@rabidlaughter - Aw, 30 years is far from something to keep hidden! I can only imagine how superb a collection you must have. The effect it has on you reminds me of how I would feel back when I used to watch things like the Antique Roadshow just to see what sort of items to keep an eye out for while traveling about. Plus, the feeling you get when you lay eyes on something you know is good is fantastic, you know? I understand completely. Have you checked out our non-comic collection thread, by the way?

To your question on what I collect, my intro post from way back shows how much I like Watchmen, but I, too, have a thing for Constantine, so I’ve been looking into physical copies, action figures, etc. in trying to decide what specific types of items I actually want to collect. Since I’ve been all over the place in the past when collecting non-comic items (stuff like first editions or autographed books, and a perpetual interest in numismatics, lol), I’m not sure where I’ll land in choosing, but the journey’s a fun one, nonetheless. :slight_smile:


Hi! I guess you could say I’m a Disney kid. I’m from Orlando in Florida. My dad got me into comics when he gave me some issues of a certain web-shooting superhero. I would have my mom read them to me at night before I went to bed. Later on, my collection just kept getting bigger. I now have over 150 comics, DC and others! My favorite character in the DC universe is Crazy Quilt. I’m a big fan of the crazier side of comics, and nowhere (and no one) is crazier than him! (Except for the Joker.) I’d recommend Batman: The Animated Series to anyone who hasn’t read the comics. It’s a great show. My perfect casting was (and is) Christian Bale as the one and only Dark Knight. Sorry, Clooney, but your movie didn’t exactly cut it. I love art, playing video games, my family, and of course, my seven month old puppy. And as for the last question, I personally believe that pineapples should not go on pizza.


Hi my names Ruby. From New York. been into comics for a while now after watching the batman animated series I fell love with Comics, only 13. My fave character is Richard/Dick Grayson Robin and Nightwing just his backstory and his personality are amazing, a tv show I recommend any dc fan to watch is either the 2003 teen titans show, Young justice or the newer show on Netflix and here Titans. And of course Brenton Thwaites is doing a great job of playing Dick. Acting singing and art and other things I do other than sit in bed and watch titans​:joy:. I also do jui-jitsu. And pineapple on pizza is okay not to big of a fan though.


@grosch Welcome to the Community!! The crazy stuff in comics is oftentimes the most amazing - I’ll have to read up on Crazy Quilt! That’s a great recommendation and one I totally agree with - my fam and I are re-watching B:TAS now, actually. Awww what kind of puppy do you have? I’ve got a weird Chihuahua mix named Alfred and he is nowhere NEAR as chill as the butler. :joy:

@ruby.lthompson.8633 Woohoo! Another 2003 Teen Titans fan! We’re glad to have ya! Nightwing is indeed a storied fella and a great character. Since you’re into art and what not, make sure to check out our Fan Creation section and drop some of your DC work! We’d love to see it. :star_struck:


@BestBeastBoy, I have what’s called a Parti Yorkie. Yorkshire terrier for all purposes except for coloring. Her name is Chip. She’s absolutely nuts all the time and I honestly think she’ll never stop barking at everything that moves. She just got spayed, so she’s very calm now, which is good, but you never miss that ferocious puppy attitude.

Oh, and in my original post in this thread I forgot to mention that according to one Mr. Robert California, I live in “The basement of America. It’s wet, there’s mold everywhere, and there are weird bugs crawling around.”


@grosch She’s ADORABLE!! Yorkies are a handful, but so dang cute!

And lol, sounds like where I used to live. Maybe you’ll meet Swamp Thing?? :joy:


@BestBeastBoy As far as I know, I’ve already met the Swamp Thing… But here we just call them alligators.


Thank you for the warm welcome. Sorry I didn’t respond back sooner…life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I rock the pizza at home on a very well seasoned stone, usually on the grill outside. I play a few instruments just for fun. Currently putting together a Latin percussion set, again just for fun. One of the questions I must have overlooked above…I have to wholeheartedly agree with Watchmen being a very solid choice as a movie to recommend to someone on the fence regarding comic related movies. The first Sin City movie would be another.


Hello All! Ha, well, hometown is in South Dakota, but I have been living happily in Cali for about a decade, so I’ll claim Cali. I always dug Batman(1989) but that didn’t really do it. Even 2 San Diego Comic Cons didn’t do it… It was a combination of Smallville (I was SO late to that game), Arrow, The Flash, Young Justice and Just League Unlimited that got me into comics. I started binge watching those all at about the same time and they started kind of answering questions and filling in info for one another. Then, I guess I just need more. Comics and I have had a pretty steady relationship since then, that was about…6 or 7 years ago. Oh, man, to pick just one…started with Catwoman (chaotic neutral and I love it) and Batman, but I’d also have to say Martian Manhunter, Doctor Fate, Shazam (aka Cpt. Marvel) and Lex Luthor. To those who have never read… T.V.: Smallville and Young Justice. Comics: my first was Batman’s Hush.
Lately, while reading anything with Harley Quinn, I can’t stop hearing Megan Mullally. I think she’d do a fantastic job voicing Harley.
As for non-DC, I’m all about movies, music and tv and trying to build a community around that. Also, as a result of my day job I’m becoming more interested in dog training.
I won’t say no to pizza with pineapple on it, but I will pick it off.


Stop it with that cuteness. It cannot be handled. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue:


Greetings DCU. I was born in September 1989, making me 30 at the time of this post. I’ve lived in the St. Louis area, currently with my wife and cat, the Meowster Chief. Currently working as a software engineer.

I’be been into nerdy things for pretty much always, so I was aware of the popular characters from shows and games. However, reading comics really started around college, when I decided to start reading Green Lantern during the Blackest Night. I think my interest in GL mostly stemmed from green being my favorite color.

Needless to say, GL is my favorite series. As far as a specific favorite, I guess I’m fond of Kyle. He’s different from all the others in a way I can appreciate.

If you’ve never read a comic, I suggest the classic Teen Titans cartoon. Seriously, it’s great.

Other interests mainly include games. Board games, magic the gathering, video games, Nerf wars, etc. Not just playing them, but creating as well.

As far as pizza, I grew up in a time when pizza was put onto bagels and made into rolls. Do whatever you want to it, I don’t care.


Hello and Welcome! So glad you could join us!
Smallville is an awesome choice and one that I have also recommended to non-nerdy friends :grin:

I’ve recently started reading more Green Lantern, and just finished the Blackest Night series. Loved it! (Even though I normally hate anything “zombie” related)


Hi DC Friends. Here is a little about me.

  1. Augusta GA is the place that I call home.

  2. My dad got me into comics. I’ve been a fan of comics and comic culture since i was 6 ( I’m 21 now ). I remember my dad taking me to comic shops and buying me action figures then taking me to Starbucks for coffee.

  3. My favorite hero in dc is batman, bluebettle or flash, but my favorite villain is black manta and joker. Because I cant just have one. I love them all tbh I mean why not though they are all great… yes even vegetable-dinosaur-mineral-man and arm fall off boy.

  4. A tv show I would recommend would be justice league the animated series, but as for movie, I’d suggest dark knight returns part one and two. But really, I’d suggest they read all star superman, that’s just a beautiful amazing story with fun moments and it shows everything amazing about superman and makes the most unrelateable character so interesting and fun.

  5. I really like nightwing and I would be so happy if I could get Finn Wittrock to play him. Also It would be nice to see Willam Dafoe play joker.

  6. I have A.D.D so bare with me guys. I love starwars and video games ( I love assassin’s creed, Arkham games, and uncharted games. I’m a photographer and I love my camera and getting in the creative zone. I’m also a huge rockclimber and drawer. I also love my beautiful amazing sweet girlfriend Hannah ( btw this is her account I just use it, also hi I’m John her boyfriend it’s been me this whole time wuahahaha lol). I also love science and history. last but not least, I love to ride my penny board everywhere.

  7. Eh it’s ok I have to bee in the mood for pineapple on my pizza but I am always down for a pizza with all the other toppings, even the anchovies.

If you made if this far thanks so much lol.