DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself!

Hey @BigGLfan! Welcome to the community! We’re always glad to have another Green Lantern Corps fan here!

Who’s your fave GL?


I like Hal or Kyle best. Tough for me to choose. Depends what day of the week you ask me!


@BigGLfan Nice! I feel that with a lot of my favorite characters! :joy:


@Zues_769 - We don’t have that ability as of yet, but I’ll let the dev team know you’re interested in such a feature for future consideration! :slight_smile: Love the list of shows mentioned, and so glad we have Toonami to turn to, as well! :heart_eyes: Used to watch Adult Swim back when stuff like InuYasha was on, so their assortment of anime’s been a great one to pull from for good stuff to watch.


I’m from southwestern Pennsylvania.
Loved comic books as a kid and into early adulthood.
My favorite DC characters have been: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and Killer Frost. BTW you guys are doing those characters true justice in “live action.”
I don’t read comics anymore. But I really appreciate the live action series: Flash, Legends O.T., Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Titans, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol. At my age (61) so cool to see my childhood comicbook heroes come to life.
Casting of my favorite characters: Great job and kudos to the entire cast of Flash. Especially Danielle Panabaker (?) as Frost. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is phenomenal.
Non-DC interests: My wife of 38 years and I love spending time with our 3 children, their spouses and our grandchildren.
On my pizza: mushroom, green peppers, spinach, olives, tomatoes. Please hold the pineapple.




Council grove kansas the epitome of smallville lol
I’ve always been pretty into the idea of heroes whether in fiction or real world the good overcoming evil just gives me chills everytime but really started liking comics around 10 and I’m 30 now.
My hands down comic favorite is Green Lantern Hal with a strong will everything is possible but TV I’m a batman man love the flash series too but totally think they need to do the crisis crossovers more justice.
Other then that grew up in ks moved all over after school found my soulmate have 4 of the most beautiful daughters a man could ask for who all love my superhero stuff all are Harley Quinn fans one is even named Harley lol hvac tech and I’ll take pineapple pizza any day of the week thank you​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal::facepunch:


@rjare5.40030 - Hi there, and welcome to the forum! :smiley: Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself with us, and for providing such a great list of favorite characters! I’m with you all the way on the casting for The Flash - I think that’s what ended up keeping me interested in the series as well. Along with interacting with each other so well, it’s interesting to see how well they embody their characters. :slight_smile: Of those live action series you listed, do you have a favorite?

@jt_rabblerowser - Greetings, and a warm hello to you, fellow pineapple lover within the epitome of Smallville (hehe, that sounds like a wonderful place to be! :slight_smile:)! I absolutely adore the way you describe your family, and it’s doubly wonderful that they all share the same love of DC that you do! One can never start too early, as shown by this thread, here! :wink:

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Many enjoy pineapple on their pizza.
But I am not one who enjoys pineapple pizza.

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That’s okay, @6044! Which toppings make for a perfect pizza for you, instead? :slight_smile:

:cheese: Cheese and occasionally sausage

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Have always been partial towards cheese pizza, too, no pineapple needed, so all I can say in response is, “Yum!” :wink: Sending you a warm welcome to the forums, as well, fellow lover of pizza! We’re happy to have you! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome @MissInkBlot :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually had a subscription of sorts the first year here. I am pretty shy and reserved in real life and it follows me online, so you might not see, or hear, from me on the forums much.

Where are you from?
Small town in northern Arizona
What or who got you into comics?
I’ve actually never read comics growing up. Just didn’t have them or access to them. Around the time of The Dark Knight Trilogy and Phase 1 of the MCU, I got more of an interest in superheroes (more-so DC) and went from there. (I really like the comic library access here, that’ll help me read more!)
Do you have a favorite DC character, either superhero or villain?
I like them all! If I had to narrow it down a bit: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Deathstroke, Black Manta
What comic, TV show, or movie do you recommend to people who have never read comics before?
Maybe The Flashpoint Paradox, comic or animated film.
What’s your perfect casting of your favorite character?
Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is fantastic!!! :heart_eyes: The entire cast of Batman v Superman was incredible… really wish we could’ve stuck with it.
What are some of your other, non-DC interests?
Music. Guitar. Vinyl Records. Xbox. Star Wars (pre-Disney).
Do you accept pineapple on your pizza?
YES! Hawaiian style pizzas are my FAVORITE. Has anyone also tried pineapple on your hamburger?


YES!!! A fellow Barbara fan

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First time posting!

Was avoiding DC Universe. Too many streaming services as it is…and as far as comics go, I was set with Marvel Unlimited. But…

I HAD to see the new Harley Quinn animated show, and I’d read that DC Universe’s online digital library was much improved, so I upped…and I’m really glad I did!

Not only has Harley completely exceeded my expectations, but also the breadth and depth of DC Universe’s offerings floored me, not to mention this wonderful community (Marvel Unlimited doesn’t have THAT!) So, I figured it was time I introduced myself to all you great people.

So…I’m from Los Angeles

What got me into comics originally was the old Hanna Barbera Super Friends animated series from the 70’s. Had to be up early as a kid to see them, and when the Legion of Doom made its appearance, I was hooked. So it’s been nice to revisit all those episodes right here on DC Universe! So, I started as a DC fan. Then my mom’s then-boyfriend was a big Marvel fan, so for many years, I was over there. Now that I’m happily mature, I realize that one can love BOTH, which I do!

Favorite DC characters would have to start with Hal Jordan and Sinestro (back to those Super Friends again). Then I’d spin off into the Trinity (who can’t help but love those three?). And then gotta love Joker, Harley, Ivy and Selina!

For new comics people, for Marvel, I’d say the MCU films, while for DC, I’d say the Timm/Dini animated series. From there, jumping to comics, I’d say Byrne’s Man of Steel miniseries and Miller’s Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns.

Perfect castings…Mark Hamill’s Joker, Kevin Conroy and Ben Affleck’s Batman, Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Oh jeez, and how could I forget the unholy Trinity of Harleys, Arleen Sorkin, Margot Robbie and now, Kaley Cuoco! And Lake Bell is pretty dope as Ivy too!

Non-DC interests? Marvel, Star Wars, Blizzard Games, Harry Potter, Disney, and DC Universe Online (GREAT game and a must-play for any diehard DC fan. To see and play with those iconic characters in those iconic locations? Amazing!)

Pineapple on Pizza? Not for me…

That’s enough to be getting on with, as they say.


Welcome to the forums @black_bat :slightly_smiling_face:!
Happy to have you here and hope you enjoy them.


@LDFM - Aww, welcome to the forums from a fellow introvert (and lover of pineapple-topped pizza! :pizza: + :pineapple: = :partying_face:). :slight_smile: We’re happy to be able to have the chance to read your introduction, and appreciate your sharing it with us!

It’s cool to hear that your interest in DC superheroes is the result of such an interesting beginning - since you didn’t begin with comics, once you decided to start reading them, were there any that caught your eye first? Along with the community’s 2020 Reading Challenge being something you might like, your interest in music will be right at home here, especially if you choose to take part in our weekly Mixtape Monday thread!

@black_bat - Hi there, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Not only am I glad to hear the temptation was too much to keep you away, but I’m delighted to hear you’re liking Harley Quinn so far! :wink: You have so many wonderful favorites shared, and your excitement pops from the screen, so we thank you dearly for your introduction, and the kind words shared - the community’s a reflection of the people within it, so it’s a joy to have members like you present to make it all the better! Thanks for the recommendations, as well… I’ve been meaning to check out DCUO, so I’m happy for the additional prompting to do so! :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to revisit and update this. Hawkman is my favorite hero. There I’m done. Also welcome to any newcomers!

I’m Jake age 35 born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. Love DC Comics I even think my wife get jealous. I would like to know how to get one of those awesome boxes filled with goodies.