DC Universe Community Roll Call: Tell Us About Yourself!

Hello there, I am from Florida. My father was the first person to get me into comics (and videogames). He introduced my brother and I to both worlds. I fell in love with Calvin & Hobbes, manga, anime, and the likes as a result. I love my dad btw, it’s important for me to say that - he means a lot to me ! This is the first time I’m really delving into the realm of DC comics (as opposed to just movies and tv shows) and so far the experience has been amazing. I’ve read Batman Black & White, his Pre-Origin Story, and most recently: Year One. I loved it all and am wondering if I should just continue on with issue #408 or check out something else. My favorite DC character right now seems to be James Gordon. I love Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of him in the Year One animation (great btw). My favorite villain for me right now is Harvey Dent. “Two of a Kind” hit me right in the heart. It was very riveting.

I like drawing, cooking, dancing, planting, dogs, lots of music, and getting to know people lol.

If I had pineapple on my pizza… I’d still eat it. But I’d rather have a sausage and onion =]


Welcome to the community @yourhomiehenry.26865! A shoutout to your dad as well for introducing you to the amazing world of comics. It sounds like you and your dad have a great relationship and we love hearing about it.

Hope to see you around more, let us know if you need anything!


Thank you so much my friend ! I appreciate the welcome ~