DC Universe Frequently Asked Community Questions 👥

Thank you, BestBeastBoy. According to my knowledge, this is still only possible from the mobile application. Is that correct?

@joshuadbr Nope, as far as I’m aware it works via desktop as well!

How do you get badges like Welcome to the Justice League or the ones that make you have to invite members, like what does that mean?

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Hey @BatHuman :slight_smile: I’ll check on the invite badges for you, but in the meantime, you can get the “Welcome to the Justice League” badge by completing the Advanced Tutorial - to access that, you’d type out: @Kelex start advanced tutorial


I completed the tutorial and It still didn’t work, it also says that nobody has gotten it.

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On Kindle,when I finish an issue,how do I go back to the menu?

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You have to press the home button, it’s kind of an inconvenience.

@Kelex start tutorial

@Kelex start advanced tutorial

It does appear that they may be in the process of fixing the JLA (Advanced Tutorial badge) I finally got mind yesterday, and I did the Advanced Tutorial within 72 hours after community 2.0 launched. So I think the @Moderator are working on sorting things out on the badge front.

Question moderators I was at Hero level and now I’m back at level 1? Why would this occur? Or maybe it’s a glitch? Thanks for everything yall do!!!

Hi @stefanie.m!

I’ve looked over your account and I don’t see anything that would have kept you from keeping your Hero status. I’ve gone ahead and updated you back to Hero status. You should be all set now! Please let us know if you run into any issues.