DC Universe now on Fire TV

Just downloaded and installed the official Amazon Fire TV app, so far working fine


I just downloaded it watched part of an episode of Titans and scrolled through the main page and it seems to be as good as the Roku app so far.

When will it be an app for xbox?

Awesome news! I will check it out on my Fire Stick! Now if it would just come to PS4! :slight_smile:

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So excited to finally find DC Universe in my Fire TV! I bet I’ve checked 50 times over the last 3 months and today, on my birthday, it was finally there! Thanks, DC, best gift ever!

Very cool. Congrats to those who own that device. Hopefully more come out in the coming year and everyone will finally be happy.


Awesome! I’ll download it now. Been waiting for it

@ethsn.green, I took a survey and they asked what new platform you would like to see the DCUSS app on and a couple of the choices was PS4 and XBOne. I bored for both. I want to think that some time next year it may come available.

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Nice! I haven’t started watching anything yet, but got logged in. I like the option to login with a code. Also like that it looks pretty neat and clean. :sunglasses:

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Does it look any different from the Roku