DC Universe Online

Any DCUO players out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game, and anything you wish to see in the game!

I play sometimes. Love the open world

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I played for a bit, but I’m not really big on MMOs. Then again, I’ve never played with people I like so, maybe that colors my experience. I got back into it after I heard they added the Red Lanterns, but now it’s just a matter of, I already have so much to do in terms of tv, games, movies, comics, and real life stuff, that I can’t really fit an MMO in my schedule.

LOL. I was finally able to quit Fortnite to play this game!:joy::joy::joy:

I play all the time

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With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out, odds are I’ll be busy for the foreseeable future.

Atlantis is going to be amazeballs.

Also, Wonder Dog is awesome.

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Villains are better !! I’ll leave that statement here for all u heroes to see.

I’ll just leave this here…


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Props for the Lebowski reference. Let’s go bowling, man.


Love this game. Just in case anyone is unaware, there is a black friday sale going on in DCUO right now. Seems to be mostly aesthetic items, materials, auras, ect. Half iff though

Nice. Shame I don’t have any extra money though :confused:

I’m sorry to hear that @@TX85, it’s supposed to be going all weekend if that helps.Finally bought myself a Bat-cowl, 50% off still came out to $10 though🙁 You’re killing me daybreak…

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I stopped playing because I realized it was pay to win but honestly I kind of want to make a return after I saw the Starfire hair piece. Also I want to make a toon to match Starfire

I played it for just a little bit sever years ago but just downloaded the game again, made a hero and went through the intro tutorial and the first couple of missions in Gotham East End. I know it’s free to play and that’s how I have it now but I know there’s the $15 monthly subscription, however, I dont understand what I would be getting for paying or if it’s actually worth it?

Would love some insight on this as it was pretty fun for the hour I just recently played.

DCUO’s subscription gives you unlimited access to all 30+ Episodes, all powersets and weapons, more inventory/character slots, infinite promethium lockbox keys, uncapped cash availability and a bunch of other stuff that I’m forgetting at the moment. Totally worth it if you’re planning to play a lot.

But if you want to just pick it up and play once in awhile, there’s still a lot to do under the free-to-play umbrella. Each new episode is available in an event version - for instance, the most recent episode introduced Atlantis to the game - and anybody over Level 10 can play all of it from beginning to end. The Death of Superman celebration for Big Blue’s 80th anniversary is still running as well, accessible by all.

Still a darn good game.

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I’m still playing it, Have quite the variety of characters. Also I highly recommend purchasing the year subscription, for you if you calculate the total amount as to what you pay for in terms of a whole year, from monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual fees, it turns out you are actually paying more than the yearly subscription, minus tax of course.