DC Universe Superman Book Club Week 11: It's Time to Soar Once More!

The Hellbat Armor is indeed badass, and has been immortalized in plastic by McFarlane Toys, as seen on @DCDaily.

It’s also front and center on the cover to Detective Comics #998, newly arrived on the platform.

…kay, that’s all the plugs for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My hot take: Tomasi wrote the best Superman run since Otto Binder’s.

I disagree. It removed the best character from the original story. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, Superman was in the episode . :wink:

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I was specifically referring to it being so at the time it came out. With the complete lack of anything of the sort happening when things transitioned from the Pre-FP era and the N52 I was glad to see some sort of acknowledgement by ANY writer on ANY title about past events when things transitioned to Rebirth.

As for the rest it’s certainly not the first time I’ve been bitter over how things played out myself and to be honest I thought the merger was entirely unnecessary. One Superman was gone and they should have left it at that and let the other honor him by doing whatever he felt needed to be done. I didn’t need anything more than that as an explanation.


Regarding Superman Reborn, I felt it was something that had to happen. With a new Superman in place, but from a different reality, there was going to have to be a refining of some kind at some point, if for no other reason than to avoid plot complications from forthcoming stories so that the PTB could avoid “Well, the new Superman can’t do this or go there because…” situations. It wasn’t a watertight solid fix, but I felt it was strong enough to keep out all but the eensy, weensy, tiniest plot drip(s).

Anyway, I’ll table my merits of Superman Reborn until later in the coming year when we get around to that arc.

I’d now like to thank the following:

-@TheWombleBeast (that is one badass avatar BTW)

Thank you for your contributions to a fun discussion of Son of Superman. Digital Baldy Awards for all!

For anyone else who’d like to join in on this discussion, feel free! No topic is ever too old to hear fresh opinions on, so I very much welcome your thoughts! :clark_hv_4:

  1. I have read this volume of Superman. I really enjoy Tomasi and Gleason’s take with this and Batman and Robin.
  2. I think I prefer Superman being married and having a kid is great. It is a nice way to develop new stories of “Superman” through Jon.
  3. I really love when they are on the moon and crash into Eradicator with the Bat-armor!
  4. I didn’t watch anything this week. I did catch up on Harley Quinn with my friend from last week. This show just cracks me up and I love the fact that DC isn’t limiting itself. I just view everything as its own multiverse at this point.

Oh yes, when Lois takes on Eradicator in the Hellbat armor, I did a mental fistpump. That was bad. ass!

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