DC Universe Superman Book Club Week 4: Black Friday Grab Bag!

@AlexanderKnox Oh, I got your sarcasm (the needle on my Springfield-made Sarcasm Detector went “boink!”), but I threw that Nugget o’ Knowledge out there to anyone who wasn’t aware of the info, who would then reply, Phoebe Buffet-style ™, “That is brand new information!”.

John Frink and his Sarcasm Detector, it works. M’hey! :nerd_face:

@JasonTodd428 What kind of Superman goodies did you snag for the nieces and nephews?

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Well pretty much all my nieces are into DC Superhero Girls at this point so I got them several of the dolls and figures including Supergirl. (One of my nieces is super into Supergirl (and Superman for that matter) so she’ll be really happy.) I also bought some DC Superhero girls books, Tiny Titans and Lil Gotham for the younger crowd.

I also bought several tee shirts with the \S/ for everyone and found a onesie for the baby in the family. She won’t understand since she’s barely 4 months old but its the thought that counts right?

I also got the older kids some comics, specific trades that were asked for including some Superman and Supergirl ones, various movies and the Superman animated series for a couple of the kids, and some figures to add to their collections.

I just found this on Amazon Max Fleischers: Superman so I’m getting that for myself.

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@JasonTodd428 WOW! That’s going all out, man. Very, VERY well done! :+1:x52.

On the topic of comics, do you know if they’ve read Superman Family Adventures? If not, it’s on DCU if you’d like to take a gander at it. I imagine your niece might dig it, given her proclivity toward the Supers.

A word of warning about that Fleischer Superman Blu-ray: the quality is all over the place. The opening and closing Paramount logos from each short are absent, the company that released it (Gaiam or something to that extent, if I recall correctly; it’s not by Warner Home Entertainment) puts their logo in the shorts themselves and the transfers are severely lacking in quality. I bought it when it came out with much excitement, only to return it the next day with much disappointment. The booklet that came with the set was it’s only highlight.

The best standalone physicial media release from Warner Home Entertainment would be this:

It’s DVD, but the transfers are pretty darn nice (likely the exact same that are available on DCU) and there are a few quality special features too, plus every short is presented in full and without the label of a third party licensor throughout.

I knew there was something I had forgotten and you are correct that she might like it. She’s one of the kids that I started getting into DC and comics early on in her life and she’s a voracious reader of everything in print that she can get her hands on.

Also thanks for the warning on that blu-ray. I think I’ll just get the DVD then.

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Neato. Do you think she’ll end up as a DC-lifer? You’re certainly putting her on the right path. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the Fleischer shorts, you’re welcome. Hopefully WHE will finally release them in HD (or 4K, if possible) one day.

That’s difficult to say at this point. I think DC and its characters will always be in her life. I can’t see that changing but as she gets older she might find comics from other companies to her liking as well. There are a lot of companies out there these days for her to chose from when she’s ready and a lot of graphic novels out there aimed at kids/teens for her to read from right now. I’m sure she’ll find plenty out there for her to enjoy. For her birthday I’m planning on taking her to set up a pull list at her nearest comic shop and getting her a gift certificate to it.

I was like her when I was growing up. When I started out reading comics I was really into Marvel’s books (X-Men, New Mutants, Spiderman, Moon Knight, Transformers, G.I. Joe) and I only dabbled in DC (mostly Batman and Detective). Then I took a decade long hiatus from American comics for a lot of reasons and got really into manga and manwa during that time. Then I came back to reading American comics and was heavily DC for a bit. These days a I read a lot of comics from smaller companies, like Lion Forge, as well as DC, the occasional Marvel title and few manga from time to time.


You are indeed putting her on a solid path. I applaud you. :clap:

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Special thanks to…


…for contributing to a fun and fantastic 4th week discussion. Rock on! :smile: :+1:


Rock on @Vroom. Rock on.

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I’m sorry I never got a chance to read the comics, but I do have the Superman Documentary. I thought it was while done, I would have to say my favorite part was the making of 1978 Superman film. I probably like it the most since it was the Superman I grew up watching. :superman_hv_1:

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