DC Universe Tech Update - October, 2018

The Apple TV app is basically useless. 9/10 wont even open and really bad video playback issues. DC Daily you have to scrub to end of the video if you start one or you won’t be able to play any new episodes.


I tried playing DC Daily last week on the Apple TV app and the audio was out of sync. You also have to search for it as it doesn’t even appear on the main page.


I am one of the iOS users who has had Chromecast compatibility issues ever since the iOS12 update.

I am happy to report that the update you just did successfully fixed the problem. The app is casting to my Chromecast perfectly now. Thank you so much. I’m very happy to be able to watch content from DC Universe again. :blush:


When will update to fix Closed Captioning issues happen?

How about an actual search function for the forums and also getting a notification of replies to a thread you’re involved in? Also, friends list and direct messaging would be great too.


Any PC streaming updates? I can rarely make it through an episode without the stream going from 1080p down to like 144p and staying there until I stop the playback, reload the page and restart.

Also, I’m not going to “Dive back in” to something I watched 100% of. Those should be removed from the list.


I would love to be able to cast a comic onto the chromecast so that I can read comics on my TV. Do you think that’d be possible???


Yazov, see Gawdspeed’s post above
Gawdspeed, are you on Discord site yet?

Really want an update on when there will be an app available for PS4


Don-El, I don’t think his post wasn’t about comics, but videos


Their post* and was* sorry, I can’t type tonight for some reason :yum:

The Apple TV app is garbage


Missing some episodes of Young Justice Season 1 on the apple tv. Should had me Beta for you guys. Improvements needed ASAP!!

@Applejack How about the advertised at launch and as yet undelivered Amazon Fire TV app?


They don’t have very many comics on here so far the subscription sucks


Seems like the DC Universe web page is having some issues with display and formatting. Also, the thumbs up icon isn’t showing it.

Anyone else having a problem view the comics and or down;landing anything?

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Does anyone else think DC Universe casting via Chromecast should link with Google Home? I’d like the ability to skip episodes, rewind, and fast forward using my voice.

I’m also curious about an update to the AppleTV app. Several of us have been discussing it in the following forum:


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