dc vs marvel which ones better

I want to know what everyone thinks of marvel and dc put it into categories of comics movies tv shows video games and characters


Well obviously Marvel owns the movie scene. TV has to go to DC. Video games is basically even. But DC really has been killing it lately. As for characters, I’m totally pro-DC biased so I’m the wrong guy to ask.

Oh don’t forget animation, which DC has dominated this entire century so far.


DC by far has the best small screen shows; the movies have embarrassed me by their “dark” excrement, and I want to see Superman (especially) portrayed as the smiling, happy (and why shouldn’t he be? He IS a symbol of hope; when things are bad, when he shows up, you know everything will be all right.) friendly guy he is.

The DC animation was the reason I subscribed in the first place. Marvel did a fantastic job with their 1990s animated X-MEN series, but that’s about it. Nothing else from the “House of Ideas.” I have dozens of Batman:The Animated Series shows yet to watch. And, recently, Honest Trailers, talking about the series, said, “And, the best Joker ever. There. I said it.”

Not that anyone playing the Joker can come within a light year of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

And we have new episodes of Young Justice coming every week, and it is one terrific show, with great character development, and an engaging set of heroes.

I mean I’m on A DC streaming service…so…

But yea. DC wins for me. Better Cartoons, Comics and TV. Not much of a Video Gamer but I’ve played more DC then Marvel Games growing up.

And Honestly I think Both could do better with movies. Marvel’s aren’t as great as the masses claim and DC’s aren’t as bad, but both have more then their fair share of problems IMO.

That said I do find myself revisiting DC films more then Marvel films, but yea both are kind of hit and miss for me personally.

So in Closing DC is Better Overall IMHO.

Though both are owned by Giant Evil Corps that I kinda hate (AT&T and Disney which should technically be considered a Monopoly now) respectively.

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both are pretty even for me as a huge fan of both companies it depends on what i want to read or watch if i want to read a science fiction or really grounded book i go with marvel if i want a horror or mystery thriller i go with dc for example since those are their specialties as for movies i prefer marvel they have had a few misses for me but at least they dont panic when a director actually wants to do something creative or not pander to audiences to the point where its stupid or relase a movie when it clearly needs to be delayed

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I have actually always been a fan of both equally! But I will be honest comic books they are equal in my eyes! But movies I give to Marvel and animation/cartoons I would give to DC.

Me being a movie guy feels they both can do more in both categories of movies and animation.

animation and cartoons can more be used to bring comic books to life!

Movies is a different in generations times. Back in the old character had to use more acting but they were missing special effects!

In this time more special effects to me and less acting.

Combine the two could bring a 100% improvement!

And another reason DC rules- DC Universe is better that Marvel Unlimited. I’ve been reading Comics for a few decades and love DC and their respective rival (subscribe to both)-but Marvel’s doesn’t have a section for fans to discuss Comics or movies\TV. Make Mine DC!

Movies _ Marcel
TV/ Streaming _ DC
Comics_ DC

DC in every category. I’m not a marvel fan. Their films are just okay, imo.

Disclaimer: I enjoy content from both companies, but my heart belongs to DC now and forever. Nevertheless, I’ll try to give an objective opinion (as unbiased as I can get at least).

Movies: Marvel
Yeah, you don’t make dozens of billion-dollar movies without winning this category. However, I’d like to point out that if you examine the entirety of both companies’ films, it’s not a complete knockout for Marvel. DC’s history goes back farther, giving them weight well before Marvel had even produced their first movie. (And you know what that was? Howard the Duck!) Both companies also have a bunch of clunkers that bring their averages down - while many folks focus on today’s MCU and DCEU, those companies can’t escape the gravity well of Elektra and Catwoman completely.

Television: DC
From the silver age of television to now, DC has just dominated this category. Advs. of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, each laying claim to a decade’s crown. Ten years of Smallville. A combined twenty-two seasons for the Arrowverse. I mean, Cloak & Dagger has been quite good. I liked the Lou Ferigno Hulk. The Netflix shows varied, but were mostly enjoyable. But I just can’t take Agents of SHIELD seriously.

Animation, Feature: DC by default
Does Marvel even make full-length animated films anymore? Some of their older stuff was watchable, but other than Hulk Vs, I can’t even think of a single standout film.

Animation, Television: DC
There have been some fantastic Marvel animated shows over the years. Spectacular Spider-Man and X-Men: Evolution are two of my favorites. But they just can’t hold a candle to BTAS, STAS, JL, JLU and BB - i. e. the DCAU. Thirteen years of Super-Friends. Brave & the Bold. And Young Freaking Justice. On the other hand, Marvel’s current line of Disney shows are very difficult for me to watch.

Action Figures: DC
While I’ve been jealous of Marvel Legends fans for years (I don’t think Mattel has quite lived up to Hasbro’s quality), one still has to consider the breadth of action figure history. Mego? More DC figures. The 80’s? Super Powers > Secret Wars. It was during the 90’s that Marvel/Toy Biz really got on track, though Hasbro put out some fantastic DC stuff during that era too (Total Justice and Man of Steel are two of my faves). This category is as close to a tie as any.

Comics: DC by a mile
DC just consistently has the best writers and best artists and best characters for my tastes, now and in the past. Marvel consistently annoys me with their constant renumbering and shuffling of creative teams these days so that they can put out over a hundred books a month. Quality over quantity for me, please.

All that said, I am on a site called DC Universe. Is anybody surprised by my answers?