In case anyone has missed it. Tom Taylor is teasing something big on Twitter and Facebook right now under the hashtag #DCEASED

Next big event?

I love Tom Taylor. He might be DC:s best writer in my opinion, so whatever it is, I am going to buy it.

Thoughts? Did anyone figure anything out from the hints yet? Is #DCEASED the end of the Rebirth era?


I wonder if it’s fallout to the Heroes in Crisis series – recently had a lot of “DCeased” characters there…

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Definitely could be. Nothing stays dead for long in the comics universe.

Whatever it will be I hope it will be great.

Seems JL focused though which is the only meh for me. JL like Batman is overutiluzed, imo. I hope the JL hint ends up being a red herring and we end up with what comes after JL - A legion of Superheroes. :smiley:

I’m going to guess it’s Heroes fallout. But I got to agree with you on King, he’s on some next level storytelling these days.

This is Tom Taylor, not King. Lots of people confuse the Toms :slight_smile:

The Tom’s are terrific, but don’t forget the Bob’s from Office Space!

If this is Justice League-centric, I’d be down for that. Justice League in general is my favorite team franchise.

If a new Legion comes along, I imagine it will spin out of Doomsday Clock, not Heroes in Crisis. Although, as Kidder’s Lane said “Who knows?”


@Coville… thanks for the clarification! That’s just my stupid fault for not reading carefully.

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Didn’t Bendis also said something about another DC event “Leviathan”…? Monumental event supposedly.

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I had no clue what this was, so I went and looked. This sounds exciting. I would love for it to be some ten year anniversary thing for Blackest Night or hell a line wide relaunch towards something a little more familiar again. DC seemed to get so caught up in trying to do movies they kinda faltered, in my opinion, on good storytelling. Hope this is an indication they are bringing back some of that fun and intrigue of comics that I remember.


Leviathan would make sense. Maybe Taylor is writing part of the event.

Everything Tom Taylor touches is gold, so I’m stoked.

My spouse doesnot like to read comics at all, but as soon as I tell him Tom Taylor wrote it, he’s all in :rofl: everyone I know likes Tom Taylor’s comic books

With the recent tweet saying “Darkseid Was,” I get the feeling that this is way more cosmic than HIC fallout.

And now that I think about it, this year is the 10 year anniversary of Blackest Night. Maybe they’re going to bring back the Black Lanterns for a big story?

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Just makes me nervous that another character I love will be killed off.

To be honest, for the first time I am a little worried for Kal. There has so far been no good reason for the Deus Ex Machina aging of Jon.

Handing over the cape to Jon would give DC a new venue of stories to explore for a while (until the inevitable return of everyone that dies)

Miles Morales has been a very successful Spider Man, maybe DC want to play around with a new interpretation a bit too.

I’m so excited now!!!

Well, as any Injustice reader knows, nobody’s less shy about killing favorites off than Taylor.