DCFAC Week 12 Challenge: Submissions

Well that‘s amazing.


It’s true. Thanks!


Thank you so much! And YES! I blame BtaS, but Babs will forever be blue-eyed in my eyes (and Jason, green).

@RobArt471 And thank you so much! Glad I can draw more to the blue-eyed Babs fanwagon :+1:

@jdebottis.93473 Thank you for the support and kind words as always!


That’s a beautiful Babs. Very nice.


@TravisMorgan Thanks for the feedback! Y’all are making me get bolder with this coloring stuff!



Inspired by this weeks Pride reading :rainbow:


@Aegiey she is so stinking cute! And I like the outline of color around her makes it pop.

@Viciousdark beautiful job dude. Those hands are killing me :flushed: and just his face in general!

@Z-A-C on your phone! :exploding_head: This is amazing! Really nice shade/lighting? job and I’m a bit jealous of that ear.

@RobArt471 to me you capture a btas vibe and not and its lovely. Very playful but I could also mess you up with my cane in 2 seconds. A+ dude.

@biff_pow super cute and funny. And exactly how I felt after that episode. :+1:

@Nightroia awesome scarecrow! He has the btas vibe :heart_eyes:

@loganmichaelphilips I like that you took the design and switched it up with the split lip and teeth. That helmet though :+1:

@CynicalPink oh my gosh CP! It’s so good to see you post!! And you blow us away, shes gorgeous! Those colors and eyes! :clap: :clap:

@TheRealDetectiveChimp nicely done man. The electric coming off him is great and so are the details/cross hatching? on his face.

@ddeleonvfx I like that you went with the specter, hes a complicated character (of the little I’ve read about him) but I think you nail his ambivalence really well. And I cant even imagine shading all that, well done!!


@ImpulseMaxMercury nice cover redux! That hand looks really great, I always have a hard time with things looking like they are coming at you. Well done. And I love that you changed it up with the cowl and sword! Very ominous for bats. :+1:



@stefanie.m Love this! Really good recreation of your reference pose! I also really love the vivid coloring and the way you did the highlights on the coat. Great job!

@DrewWorldOrder Fantastic job on your Green Lantern! Love how happy GL looks. I also really like the way you drew the ring’s construct giving a thumbs up. Nicely done!


@DrewWorldOrder GL is so adorable!! Really like the playful style and the ring doing the :+1: also that background. Awesome job dude!


I have no words to say. You impress me every time with the detailed drawings and the Joker is no exception.


This is amazing. You could have pulled double duty and count this against next week’s assignment for a superhero of color as well. It even captures the joy of being Superman. Well done


Is he going to fall over is the page leaning I don’t know!! Great job with the Joker! He’s a tough one to capture but I like how he’s standing there waiting for something to happen.


I always have trouble with characters lying down and face first is hard. You did this great and I feel the humor coming from your picture even if the reference seems dark to me.

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Great job with scarecrow! My monthly challenge with my group involved him and he is not as easy to draw as you would think. He’s got the ropes and the bag with creases. Great job!


Looks very cool! Getting the head and face to convey a lot takes effort and this looks cool even realistic. The mouth alone tells me much of the mood. Well done!


Well done. You made Babs look beautiful and shows the innocence underneath the bat cowl. She was fun as Batgirl but still kept her head on straight as Barbara. You colored the picture just fine.
Out of curiosity which baddie would you have wanted to do?

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I like the lightning coming off of him and just the evil look in his eyes. The way you did the fun is almost like hieroglyphs which is fitting for the setting. Very good!

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The use of negative space and shadows was awesome. He looks like he could be good or evil and I’d be scared if I’m on the wrong side. Good job!