DC's Future State has been revealed

Ugh…Nope not for me. All this is, is checking all the PC and virtue signaling check boxes. The art is generic as heck, too. The list of writers is a who’s who of some of the worst writers out there. Most got jobs not because of their talent.

Just let DC die…it kills me seeing them try this stuff over and over again. You want to fix comics…HIRE WRITERS/CREATORS THAT ACTUALLY LOVES COMICS!!! Not looking for a TV or Movie deal.

Started reading DC comics in 1985…never have I been this demoralized. Between forcing political views (ie If you dont like my politics dont buy my book) to trying to appeases the twitter mod.

I pray that I am wrong about my views on this…but every article I have read reflects it.

Thank you, generous soul!

I love the Superman/Wonder Woman variant.

That Catwoman cover gets better every time I see it.


Looking forward to reading ALL of this starting in July when it drops on DC Universe Infinite!


I’m only going to buy the ones with Wonder Women in them and whatever one features Midnighter. I was going to get a few others but now I want a lot of the variants which means I’ll also just have to wait until they come to DC Universe Infinity International Inc. or whatever. It’s not very wallet friendly, this event :sweat_smile:


Very extensive
22 issues within 2 months

At least 88 dollars

But higher than that

With some issues 7.99
Like the main.Batman
at 48 pages

I might use
Comic Book.Roundup
Which grades each issue
And pick up the real good ones
Leave the rest fot 6 months
Afterwards with DCUI.


You are not alone, Moro! I’ve greatly enjoyed his run! Superman #26 this week was great!


It’s temporary, so I’m open to it. I expect if certain things hit, they’ll find a way to connect them (say the new Brazilian Wonder Woman), and they’ll just drop the stuff that people don’t like. The art is going to be great though.

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My understanding is that Generations: Shattered starts the event and Generations: Forged (an accidental PR reveal) will end the event.

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Well, its good to see that this is a temporary thing and the rumors will only translate into a 2 month run.

But, that said, none of these particularly interest me so I’ll purchase none. I may read a few when they show up here.


I’m feeling pretty good about this whole “two month” thing. Probably won’t buy too many of these issues, but it will be interesting to see how the Red X stuff plays out. As someone who has been keeping up with Tynion’s Batman, the plotlines for the Future State Bat books seem pretty predictable.

The things that concern me the most are the Wonder Woman books. “Immortal” Wonder Woman reminds me a bit too much of “Dead Earth” to feel comfortable with where that story may be going, and the “new” Wonder Woman looks more like a New Gods character. Maybe that’s intentional? Interesting design for her sword, and I’m not sure if this is accurate, but by the cover art it looks like she’s using golden bolas instead of a golden lasso.

Regardless, here’s hoping that “Future State” is a big success for DC!


I agree that Superman #26 was great. The art was fantastic.