DC's Raven

Has anyone thought the same has me. We should have a Raven video game. A continue from the Arkham series. But you play as Raven and everything is from her perspective. Please let me know if you have the same idea? If so we need to work together to make this happen.


Sounds like a fantastic Idea. Raven is one of my favorite Characters along with Cyborg


Unlike Arkham the open world would be more alive

I think the other titans should make cameos as well.

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Pretty much throughout the whole game sometimes during battles you can switch out during epic blows kind of liking in Arkham Knight when Batman was switching off with his allies It will only be a short. Of time


I think that the voice actor that plays Raven in DCUO should play her in this game. I forgot what her name is?

Where would the story be taking place?

Also, what would her game play be like?

I’m working on all of that right now I’ll get back with you on that.