DCU Book Club-Epics: STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E. (1999-) Issues 0-14, May 6 - May 24

Great Pick! Loved that moment.

I loved all your panels too!

I think this moment captured the fun, rebellious, loving, family spirit of the series. Loved this panel.

If we see Paintball, I’m gonna scream in excitement. He’s such a unique character. :laughing:

Thanks for reading along and joining the discussion on this Epic adventure! :blue_heart:


I also enjoyed these moments throughout the series.

A nice way to end this series now that they have their own hero.

This one stings a little because I’m over thirty and it’s like she thinks some at least that age is ancient.

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:laughing: That one stung me too!

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Thanks again to everyone for joining in on this Epic adventure! :blue_heart: :star: :blue_heart: :star: :blue_heart: :star:

My most memorable moment would be the Shining Knight vs. The Dragon King.

The Shining Knight looks like he is in awe of this ‘Star Spangled Kid’

Aww S.T.R.I.P.E. no longer feels like a servant.

Boys will be boys, wait a minute?

The Batman and Superman stickers on the fridge are a nice touch Courtney.

Love the easter egg of Ted Kord Industries.

Pat being nice to Courtney and seeing her character change.

This battle just looks awesome

Uh-oh S.T.R.I.P.E. you got an brainwashed teen coming after you!

I mean, come on! A horse vs dragon battle looks epic!

This panel is just awesome with all the Justice Society of America kicking butt!

I hope they adapt the Shining Knight and Dragon King battle into the TV series as well as letting Courtney use a Cosmic Converter Belt instead of a Cosmic Staff.

All the best

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He totally does! I missed that expression.

I missed this too - great catch!

Yeah :laughing: Dragons always elevate a situation.

I really enjoyed all of your panels and comments! Thanks for sharing and for joining the discussion!

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