DCU Book Club-Girl Power! Week 25: Cassandra Cain; Batgirl (2000-) #1-6

Helena Burtinelli was a Batgirl briefly before Cass. She wore the same suit (or if not the same, very similar).


Did anyone else ever finish Batman and Robin Eternal? I’m curious how Cass’ depicted in that book. I never finished all of it but believe that’s where took on the Orphan name? Cass, Tim, and Steph absolutely need their own book for just the three of them. I’m re-reading Detective Comics rebirth run and Cass/Clayface are the best together

I read Batman & Robin Eternal when it came out, but I don’t own it anymore nor do I remember how Cass got her new nom de guerre.

The good news is, B&R Eternal is coming to DCU later in the month so we can all find out/reacquaint ourselves with it.


Reading these issues really have opened my eyes to having someone else as Batgirl. I’ve always read Batgirl comics with Barbara being the one in the suit.

So seeing a different take on the Batgirl character was pretty cool… I’ll admit tho it took me some time to get to know and understand her. GREAT PICK FOR BOOK CLUB.

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There had been a discussion on our Discord channel for this book club about the various Batgirls and also Batwoman. It’s interesting to see the emotions that each type of the female bat family person generates depending on people’s experiences in the past with either film cartoons or movies or comics. Most recently, Batgirls in Young Justice Season 3 show another take on the whole mythology of this. As I recall, Cassandra Cain is Vandal Savage’s older daughter in a space station in YJ.

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@Don-El No, I think Vandal’s daughter just happens to have the same name. There’s also Wonder Girl, Cassandra Sandsmark, so it’s not like it’s unprecedented.


The other big one is “Bat-Girl,” real name Bette Kane, who was created along with Kathy Kane/Batwoman as a responce to the Fredric Wertham “Seduction of the Innocent” stuff to be Robin’s girlfriend. And yet he was always trying to get her off his back, which…is an odd way to show that someone’s straight, but whatev’s. :joy:


:joy: good point!

Mr_Morbach, you realize in Young Justice Season 3, the character had the same first and the same last name as this Batgirl… I think that’s a little more than just a coincidence still…

But I have to do more research I think I’m a little confused as to who was in that spaceship with Vandal Savage

I’m back was knocked off for 2 months. Hi JLWWSM missed u.

@JLWWSM Thanks for the browser idea. I’ll give that a shot. And thanks for posting the questions for me!

  1. I read this arc around the same time as it came out so rereading it will be practically reading it again for the first time. I look forward to it!

  2. My favorite Batgirl is the Rebirth version believe it or not. I really think she’s fun and the stories so far have been really cool and modern.

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I’m so glad you enjoyed a new take on Batgirl! It took me a minute to get used to it too, but she is such a unique character that I was sold on it by the end of issue 2.

I just dropped you a hero’s welcome on your thread in the General section. Welcome back, buddy! I missed you!

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Was knocked off for 2 months could only read comics on Apple TV app. Cassandra Batgirl was awesome, man did I dominate some comics. Read entire 100 issue run of Batman no mans land. Cassie was awesome in that also. Glad I’m back, missed the community.

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Thanks JL I’ll go there now. So good to hear from u again missed everyone.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:
I’m hearing great things about Rebirth Batgirl! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book this weekend.

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Really digging it so far! I’m on issue 4!

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I read all six issues this morning. Very good, as always. I love how fierce Cass is. Oracle and Batman served as nice counterweights to her.

Looking forward to the spoiler discussion.


Oh no spoilers the other Batgirl