DCU Book Club Week 63: RED TORNADO (2009-) Issues 1-6, NOV 25 - DEC 1

  • Is this your first time reading Red Tornado (2009-)?

  • Who was your favorite character?
    Red Tornado

  • What do you think of Mari (AKA Vixen) in this story?
    I think she was good in this one, getting to know her and seeing how she interacts with animals was great.

  • What was the most memorable moment in the story to you?
    The moment red tornado found red torpedo

  • What was your favorite panel(s)?
    Issue #6, Page 15

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Yes this is the first time reading this series.

My favorite character was Inferno. I enjoyed him not really knowing what or who he was. He seemed like he was bullied in school and then when he got his powers he was manipulated by Red Volcano. At the end of the series he seems to know at least where he need to be even if it is with the most shocking person.

I thought Mari was cool to see but didn’t advance the story that much. It was interesting to see how much Tornado respects her and see her as a hero that can protect his family if there ever was a need for it.

The moment that stood out to me was Tornado letting Inferno go figure out where in this new world he actually belongs. Sometimes this is the hardest thing for family to do because we want the best future for them and we want them to be safe.

My favorite panel was

I thought this moment captured what a mother would do to protect their child no mater what even if they were going up against something far more advanced such as Inferno.

This story reminded me a lot of the Young Justice episode Homefront.

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Hey there @ProActress2O! :smiley:

I’m happy you enjoyed Mari! Red Tornado really stole my heart in this one. Especially in the beginning where he they reminded us he’s an android with limited social skills. I was cracking up at this scene: :laughing:

Same! It was a very touching moment, “He has a sister.”

These colors are vibrant, bold and fun to look at! And the Red Tornado/Red Torpedo teamwork here is excellent!

Thanks for reading along and discussion the book with us!

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Yeah and no problem :smile:

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Heya @Lecouch84 :wave:

Yeah, Inferno had a rough day. That’s a cool callout about how he knew where he needed to be. Despite all he went through, he was capable of making a decision, even though - as you pointed you - it shocked us.

Yeah, it was awesome to see how close their relationship was! Heroes protecting each others’s families is one of the most favorite things I like to see in comics, and I don’t see it often.

:raised_hands: Great point!

:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

It reminded me of the Homefront episode too! :smiley:

Thanks for the responses and for reading along!

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No problem @JLWWSM it’s always interesting to see other people’s reactions to the same questions and still get totally different responses. That is what makes book club so awesome.

  1. First time!

  2. Boring answer but I liked Red Tornado the best. He always knew the right thing to do. I loved the way he showed he cared not only for his human family, but his knew Robo family.

  3. UNDER-UTILIZED!! I kept hoping they would do more with her, but they never did. I love vixen and was hoping to see her in some big action scenes. But I get it. It’s not her story.

  4. When Red Tornado first found Red Torpedo. That page with him holding her. So good. That moment is going to stick out to me for a while I think.

  5. I’ll upload my favorite page later, it’s on my iPad!

Thanks for a great pick @JLWWSM! I wouldn’t have checked this one out if you hadn’t picked it! It was a super fun read with an epic battle in the last issue. Good stuff!!

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Hi Matt!

I was surprised and heart-warmed by how - even though he is an android - he is able to express care and love for both of his families.

Vixen needs another solo story, it is way overdue. Good point though, it’s not her story so she takes a back seat. I’ve actually read some solo stories where a supporting character steals the show, so to your point, I understand why she may not have had a bigger role in this story.

Same. It still sticks with me, it was a powerful moment.

I’m very happy you enjoyed it and the :boom: battle at the end. :smiley:

  1. Is this your first time reading Red Tornado (2009-)?
    Yes, which is surprising since a Benes cover will always attract a fan.
  2. Who was your favorite character?
    Red Torpedo. Created to be a monster but wanting to do the right thing.
    And the art style for her did remind me a little of bullet girl from pre-crisis earth-S
  3. What do you think of Mari (AKA Vixen) in this story?
    I thought it was enjoyable to see her outside of the villain fighting super hero role, and shown as a friend not only to a teammate but also to his family.
  4. What was the most memorable moment in the story to you?
    The end when we discover that sometimes a boy needs to discover who he is before he decides where he belongs.
  5. What was your favorite panel(s)?

Hi! @rspezzano13.50251

I enjoyed her a lot! She had so much to overcome. Doing the right thing even though she was built to do what she was told. Being stuck at the bottom of the ocean - awake - for decades and having to figure out how to turn on a beacon for help. I really liked her.

Cool! I’m with you, it was nice change of pace to see her as a friend and extended family member.

:clap: :arrow_up:

Also, great panel!

Thanks for reading along and sharing your thoughts on the book!