DCU Book Club Week 74: THE SILENCER Issues 1-6; Feb.10-16

Yes first time

I liked Honor. She has the ability to protect herself and her family even though she has been out of the life for awhile. She is fighting for her new normal and wants to leave her old life with Leviathain. You can see this in a lot of different media with different people that what the same thing and what to start over but get dragged back by a former associate. The only problem is that she trusts Talia to much.

Have to go with the final fight scene in the dinner with her and Talia against all those assassins.

Have to go with this one because I didn’t think she would actually do it.

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Good choice! I was on the edge of my seat! [quote=“Mikexyzptlk, post:20, topic:644484”]
Yes, but I enjoyed her appearance on Season 7 of Arrow.

What?! I had no idea she was in Arrow?! That’s so cool!

Oh my god I thought I was the only one


While I personally haven’t watched any of it, apparently she does show up in Arrow, though as more of a villain and part of an assassin crew called the Longbow Hunters.

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  • Is this your first time reading The Silencer?

Yep, and I really enjoyed it. Solid first arc, and I’m definitely going to keep going. :slight_smile:

  • What did you think of our protagonist, Honor Guest?

She’s okay. In some sense she kind of feels like a cliche, a kind of character I’ve read a lot of even in comics (the whole “suburban housewife is a killer” thing has recently been done in books like Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood and Joelle Jones’ “Lady Killer”), but there’s enough interesting gaps that I’m curious as to what her backstory is.

  • Which action sequence was your favorite?

Considering I work in one of those big box department stores, the fight in MaulMart was pretty fun. :smiley:

I’d love to see a mini series where we see her backstory. I’d love to see her in her prime!

That sounds rad. I’ve got to watch it.

Looking a later issue covers, it does look like we’ll get at one issue devoted to her origin.

That was awesome - lots of action!

  • Yep, first time reading.
  • Honor rocks! She used pencils to defeat that guy in the beginning of the story while still finding a way to protect her son through the fight. She’s resourceful and a total mom-boss! She blindly trusted Talia, and now she knows she can’t. She wants to protect and save her new life so whoever’s in her way better watch out :laughing:. This is really great beginning for her story.
  • There were a lot of great action scenes. My favorite was the fight in the maul house (it was a maul-something, I forgot the actual name of it) where she got in the tank and defeated all of those goons. She was badly outnumbered and took em all down. The tank was just cool.

This made me laugh:

This is a very cool assassin device - they were so efficient and responsive. That’s a well-run organization!

I liked her son and husband. Especially the scene where his neighbor was being judgemental and he puts her in her place:

I really enjoyed the interactions between Honor and Deathstroke. There was a mutual respect there.

Great pick! @MattMcDonald I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into this story. I really enjoyed it and Honor!


Mine too! it was Maul-Mart! I loved that bit so much. It was Costco for assassins. I’d love to go to one, if I knew I wasn’t going to get murdered!

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First, my apologies if I just flagged you @MattMcDonald , the Android version of DCU on my 10.5 " Samsung Tab A is missing basic navigation tools here, and I may have somehow flagged when I meant to scroll down (I’ll check on my phone Android version which works fine after posting this Sunday Special Review):

The Silencer was one of the many “Age of Heroes” Series that I deliberately didn’t purchase when they came out, and later figured I could just read here as part of my subscription to check them out. So far the one and only Age of Heroes post Metal event that I have purchased and enjoyed is The Terrifics.
So, yup, to answer the first question, this is the first time I have read this.

What did I think of Honor? Well, we live in a rational world, and fiction like this when it is good reflects that. If a person has spent years as an assassin, thinking they can later go domestic, have kids and not be putting this new family in danger is magical thinking and nonsense. Vengeance and revenger are hard wired into humanity, and what comes around goes around, we reap what we sow, etc. So to me this story reads like one of those ancient gory Greek Tragedies where the main character and their associates are doomed and everyone knows it’s inevitable and logical- that’s what I think of the Silencer. Even with Talia’s promise, that hardly shielded her from the loved ones of the folks she assassinated.

Brief aside: this story reminds me very much of Matt Kindt’s “Mind Mgmt”, which is at it’s 6th or 7th volume (I have read the first 3 volumes or so and own another 3 to read)- especially V3:

  1. Action sequence: no double her vs a room full of armed gun toting killers.

  2. Favorite page / panel: here ya go!

(here’s the scene that especially brought Mind Mgmt to mind, warfare in Suburbia)

And who doesn’t love this work duet?

I did notice a change in the story from issue 4 on with the new artist and I believe writer. I’m not sure mixing in Deathstroke added to the storyline at all, but that’s just me.

Rating: I’ll give it a 7 out of 10.

That’s a great point and something I never thought to associate with the story. You’re right. It almost seems inevitable. Your past always comes back to haunt you.


Yeah…I wasn’t all that interested in the Arrowverse version of her.

When she hits animation, or a better live-action iteration at least, then we’ll start talking turkey.

Yeah, looking at the description of her on the show it kind of felt like the showrunners made their own character, DC saw it and said “Hey, she’s pretty close to one of our new characters, The Silencer, maybe you can put her in there.”

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It was a worthy effort to transition a brand new character from the comics to outside comics media so fast (relatively speaking), but the effort ended up as a strike out, rather than a homerun.

Still, 'tis better to have tried than never tried at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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