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I’d like to talk about the available comic content on dcu. I was expecting a lot more to choose from. I can understand leaving rebirth the be purchased, but there just is not enough here to warrant the price imo. One of the main reasons I subscribed was because I was hoping to get into some older comics I can’t find anywhere and don’t pick up at the comic shop. What I got was just a handful of issues from a series here and there. Please tell me they plan on adding more. At least put in the biggest events throughout the DC comics history. What about you? What were you expecting? Are you happy with the available catalogue? What would you like to see added? I was very disappointed.


As of right now, I’m enjoying the selection. I’ve been reading a lot of titles I would never have bought. For now it is enough content for me because I also watch the shows and movies so I can’t just power through all of the comics. I really wasn’t expecting much though, since I did sign up for the original content like Titans and Young Justice.


Comics were never meant to be the main feature for this app.

If you are paying for comics, you should cancel now.

This app is for new shows and old movies, TV shows and animated series.


I agree with you. I understand they don’t want to put everything up but they could at least include a strong variety of full stories and rotate them in and out every month like Netflix does with movies. I have started a run downloading all the issues I need to complete the story and then 2 days later they pull all but the first issue. It’s frustrating. The service hasn’t even been around long enough to justify pulling a story that’s been up. So far this subscription hasn’t been worth it but I am hoping DC takes the feed back before many of us just save our money and leave . There are too many subscription services out there these days, I can’t subscribe to everything. it’s not worth paying for one that is run like this when I can spend the money on a different one with higher quality. I really hope they make the adjustment.

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Exactly, The comics are just a bonus. This service is 1st and foremost a hub for new original TV shows from DC and catalog movies and shows (live animated and live action) Indeed if you wanted an all you can read buffet for the latest DC comics, you’re not going to get it here.

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Was looking forward to GA comics. Think they are off to a good start.

If DC thinks they’ll remain profitable by only offering video content (TV, cartoons and movies) thenI suspect they’ll find that they are quite wrong. They are a comic book company first and foremost. Comics are their anchor. Not an “added bonus”. And while DC can certainly do what they want with heir own business, they are making a mistake by restricting the comic content on here. It should be at least as robust as Marvel Unlimited.

If they don’t do that,then they’ll lose a lot of profit and likely won’t be able to keep funding those shows they are so convinced people are clamoring for…maybe some are. But most just want the comics.


Comics are not a “bonus”. They are part of the package that we pay for.


I agree as well. For those saying the comics are a “plus”…sorry, but that’s ridiculous. Maybe we were wrong for assuming, but DC is a COMIC company. When I hear DC, I think, like most, COMICS. I assumed that this service would have the movies, shows, and originals as were mentioned. However, I think most of us just assumed a comic selection to be similar to what Marvel is offering …simply because it should be assumed they would try and offer a comic selection similar to Marvel offers as it would make sense to try and match what they do to show value.


Also, agree comics are not a bonus here. Their tag line is “Watch, Read, Shop”. This makes it very clear reading is a main part of the service. We are in the beta phase right now as far as I’m concerned. It is our opportunity to tell them what we like and don’t like. I don’t get why people are actively discouraging us from making constructive comments about the reading service. I continue to reiterate, I only subscribed for the comics. I want them to do better and hope they do better with the comics. Marvel set the standard with digital. It follows DC would try to follow Marvel. To tell us not to ask for a service similar to Marvel Unlimited is ridiculous.


You are certainly free to ask for a Marvel Unlimited service, but just realize that service included here, with everything else, will probably run about $200 per year.

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I apologize for touching a few nerves with my comment yesterday. I realize that DC indeed has been in the comic book business much much longer than TV and movies and have a fan base because of that. So yeah I do understand some people of the disappointment that the fans here who are mainly comic fans. Video content is extremely tight and competitive and not automatically a money maker right away. Most seem to lose money. I know Hulu loses money…So you do need that extra hook to make it unique and differentiate yourself from the competition.

It would be cool if they ever do it but you can’t expect DC to come up with new shows, offer 1/2 to maybe all someday of all movies/cartoons, AND offer all 50-100 thousand or whatever comics complete back to 1930s for $5/6 a month. thats almost a sure bankruptcy plan. when disney comes out with their streaming service next year for about the same price, do you think they are going to kill marvel unlimited and roll it into the streaming service too? that would be great but i don’t see that happening? do you expect them to strip all their audio books off audible and offer them for nothing too? give you free tickets while you subscribe to go see all the marvel/disney/star wars movies too for nothing? I’m all for you guys that expected more comics to be mad, I can see the selection is pretty poor but I don’t even have time to read what is there so I don’t really care, keep complaining maybe they will change the plan and benefit us all before they go bankrupt.

I think if you read the comments throughout this thread a lot of people are ok with a plan that costs more for another tier of unlimited reading. I.E. Hulu with Commericials and Hulu without. That’s essentially what people would be doing when the disney service comes out. 69 for the year for unlimited comics. 60 for the videos. I would have ZERO issues paying an additional tier for unlimited comics. I would not be interested in paying per comic. Right now all people are doing is registering their concerns with the service.


Why not a separate-streams option? In much the way Netflix has separate DVD and streaming services, why not offer two different-but-complementary services: one for comics (at a Marvel Unlimited level of content), the other for TV?

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Well they need to do something. There’s been daily comments for weeks of potential subscribers or renewals that would like to see the comics selection improved. Not sure this service will thrive unless they listen to this important group and make some positive enhancements.


I can’t warp my head around the guy trash talking the readers. It’s an app called DC UNLIMITED. The condescending tone he’s taken is not only abrasive and unwarranted but totally out of line with accepted expectations. Comparing a Disney service with this is apples and oranges, Disney has an almost infinite amount of content to draw from. Marvel Unlimited really set the bar here, and so far this app is far short of it. I am very hopeful, but hope wanes.


I don’t know about anyone else but the first thing I think of when I hear “streaming service” ain’t comics (although Crunchyroll has manga available on their service )but watchable/listenable content (like Netflix or Play Music). Even the tag line someone posted says “WATCH, read, shop”. While DC has been in the comic business for a long time I don’t really think that they should focus or even rely SOLELY on comics for this particular service. Maybe they should adopt a Crunchyroll type thing where there are tiers that people pay into in order to get access to more content. If they do eventually do that though they’ll need to work out ahead of time what to do with people who have already paid for a year subscription but who may want to add another level to their existing subscription or those that may not want to do so.

The app isn’t named DC unlimited. It’s DC Universe, no where did they promise unlimited access.

Marvel Unlimited would be $200 per year if it included everything this service has and unlimited comics.

DJ, that’s fine. The point remains that as their consumer base, we have an absolute right to tell DC what services interest us and what we’d be willing to pay for them. It’s called a free market economy. If they don’t want to offer their comics, that’s their call. And they’ll lose customers. If they want to set a pricing model no one is willing to pay for, fine. They’ll lose customers.

Bottom line, we are the customers of this service. We have a right (and maybe even an obligation) to tell DC whether we like the service, whether we will keep paying for their service, and what they need to do to keep us as customers.

If they don’t want us as customers, then don’t have to do anything different than they are currently doing.