Hello fello Dc Ner- “Enthusiasts” it seems that changes are on the horizon for DCU and its the perfect opportunity to get centralized. Those of us that want to post our own art as well as our writing will soon have an outlet for their creativity. So get to thinking about the types of characters you want to RP or write with, or maybe get collaborating with a story line. Either way, I’m really excited on what is to come for all of us here at DCU!


I’d love to RP, but as it is now, I don’t think that DCU is designed for that level of communication. When they turn this community into an actual forum and we can PM people I think we should wait for DCU to get their house in order. Otherwise I’ll have to write your name down so I can find you and we can plan an actual role play with others.


PLease do i will do the same!

Maybe if the forun improves. As it is now, it’s not ideal for rps

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“bump” how can I join