DCYou: Unscripted Discussion

I figured while watching it that Cosplay Clash and Comic Road Trip would be in the top three. I was surprised the 30 for 30 concept didn’t make it.

I think I’m most intrigued by Arkham Escape, however it seems like it would be easiest to make a good show out of the Cosplay fun. I’ll be happy with any of them!


I’m really happy for those three winners, I’m rooting for Arkham Escape, that sounded like a fun game to watch! As for the other 2 choice, they sounded interesting, I would still watch it! You know what’s great about those 3 ideas? They’re not a TV-MA shows! :grinning::popcorn::tv:


Im disappointed to see that the top three winners are just gimmick rip offs of past tv shows coseplay lady face off on sci fi, arkham escape a survivor cbs but dc themed, and comic hopping that treasure finder show off of history or a/e. I would have liked to see a new dc hero or villan like in my entry with a sitcom but ehh. I hope the shows that get pilots are genuine wont be dunces. The meta for the judges was competition not so much being original. I hope they do arkham escape right the other two not so much. Until next time.


The Superhumans one was done also, by Stan Lee . It was literally called Superhumans & the premise was exactly the same. I’m far from a Marvel fan, but I remember seeing the promos & it was the same. They traveled around finding humans with extraordinary abilities & showcasing their superhuman talents.


Except it had to be a non-scripted show, so they couldn’t do a sitcom.


I got to go to the taping and I was thinking this exact same thing. Same with the cosplay one that shows kind of been done already. Not bashing any of the pitches good for them but I know I’ve seen the ideas elsewhere already


I never seen any of those shows. I do not watch reality or TV much just streaming. DC backed programing I am there!

It would be hard to come up with a 100% original idea for a show. I mean most shows resemble shows that came before them. Especially when it had to be non-scripted which would limit the options.

Seems they wanted something that would celebrate the fandom and/or DC’s influence on the mainstream world. Which seems in line with DC You. So think they came up with good pitches for what DCYou was looking for.


So the videos came out with all 10 pitches and the final 3 that will have their own pilot.

So do you agree with the 3 chosen?

Which would you have picked?

And of the 3, which are you most excited to see?

Personally, everyone’s idea was pretty sweet but I wanna see that Arkham Escape show. Killer idea.

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I just watched the DC Daily episodes with the top 10 finalists. It just struck me again what an amazing opportunity this contest was for DC fans. Such a good idea to pull creativity from the fanbase. I hope everyone who participated will be able to use this learning experience to further their individual careers.

Everyone did a great job with their pitches and I would watch them all.

The three finalists have really interesting ideas, I think they made the right choice in selecting them. I’m sure it was a hard decision. My favorite is Arkham Escape! Seems like a fun show, so I hope it wins overall. I also really like the comic shop spotlight one, I think that could inspire some road trips and give the shop a business boost. All good things.

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Is the Arkham one like an escape room type of thing?

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He described it as like the Legends of the Hidden Temple for adults, if you’ve ever seen that classic 90s show. It’s like an obstacle course with puzzles.


I’m looking forward to the comic book shop pilot. I will watch the other two, but little to no interest in the cosplay one. Arkham Escape could be fun, but the pilot is going to be vital to me in my own engagement with that one. I am going to wait to truly judge, but I hope they find ways to incorporate the community in somehow to some of these or at least DC fans themselves.

I respect what all 11 pitchers (since one had 2) were able to do. They came up with creative ideas and was able to talk about them in front of people I imagine they very much admire and respect without major incident.

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Just finished the 2 episodes for the 10 finalists. I want to congratulate everyone, but I would have really liked to see the 30 for 30 type episode and the art competition one. I am not a cosplayer, and while I do enjoy seeing those that like it at conventions, it just doesn’t interest me. Now will I watch it? Of course I will, I will support anything that DCUniverse does (unless it just unwatchable). I do think the one about visiting comic shops and seeing their impact on the local community will be good. The Arkham escape is interesting, but again, the two I liked did not get chosen.

Again congrats to everyone that participated and got as far as you did!

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Surprisingly entertaining to watch all the pitches.

Cosplay Clash was absolutely the most viable and ready to go of the pitches. 90% of reality competition shows are riffs off of each other for a good reason - they work and audiences can buy in quickly. Cosplay will be really fun to see in this format.

Seeing stores as an Anthony Bourdain-style travel show was also a great pitch. We all have stores we know would make great episodes.

And the emotion on the face of the dude that won with Arkham Escape - incredible stuff. Brought a tear to my eye!

A few of those other pitches that fell short were just a little too unfeasible, or clearly were relying of DC tv people to fill out their idea more for them. Some stopped short of really seeing through their idea, sounded like DC didn’t want to spend a ton of time in development. I actually think the three most realistic and best won.

Congrats to all for making it that far!


Do we know when the pilots will be released. I’m really late to this discussion.