Deadman master reading order

I posted asking for suggestions on good Deadman stories & I got a ton of great responses. To pay it back, I found a way to take all the suggestions & read them in order & it was “so” good. Thank u to everyone for your suggestions. To pay it forward for someone else, this is the order I did. All issues are on this site & it covers all the Deadman storylines in order minus a few back-up issues ,which are optional & not integral to the main order. So I’ll list those last if anyone wants to read those also.

Brave & Bold #’s 79, 86, 104.
Aquaman #’s 49-50 (1962)
Brave & Bold #133.
Aquaman #’s 51-52.
Adventure Comics #’s 460-466 (‘listed under 1935 on site). Reading only the chapters that pertain to Deadman.
DC comics presents #24.
Deadman #1-4 (1986).
Secret Origins #15.
Challengers of the Unknown #’s 85-87.
Deadman 1-7 1985. These are reprints of ones you’ll have read at this point so optional.
Deadman (Kelley Jones) Love after death
Deadman (Kelley Jones) Exorcism
Lobo/Deadman Brave & the Bald.
Deadman Dead again.
Deadman Dark mansion of Forbidden Love.
Deadman Neal Adams.

I should correct myself in saying there’s plenty more Deadman issues out there, but this reading order on this site woks out perfectly.

The back issues on site that are optional are; Action Comics issues 601,602,618,619,620,621,622,623,624,625 & 626.

Thank u to everyone who helped with all these suggestions & if u want to follow up Neal Adams Deadman where this order ends off-site, Batman:Demigods War is Book 2 of that series.


This is amazing, thank you so much djd! I am constantly floored by Kelley Jones’ work on Deadman (and in general), and am so happy to see Deadman as a character celebrated more. :clap:


Thanks! I love discovering reading orders for lesser known characters, once we get the ability to share lists, I would love it if there was an area where these could be made public so everyone can browse them, see which ones are most popular with readers, discuss them, etc. would that be possible, oh @Applejack? :superhero:🏻‍♀

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Thanks Applejack & Mae.

I loved Kelley Jones’ versions too Applejack, & Mae I’m so with u on the list thing. Some of em just aren’t available online, & some are so confusing I just wanna give up. The other members gave me the fuel when I asked for recommendations on Deadman, then using their suggestions & thru trial & error & a ton of research. I was able to read Deadman in the order above. It was so worth it once I realized they were all coinciding perfectly, & it was done between multiple people in the community that the incredible list I got to enjoy was made possible. That made it even better. Basically, a collaboration of people helping me out so I felt like I should share it with the next person & so on. It really was one of the funnest collections I’ve read yet.


Any particular reason you didn’t include his original appearance and story arc in Strange Adventures?

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Oh @BatWatch. good catch. Those were on a pg 2 pages b4 the rest of these in my notebook. I forgot I had em separate cuz those were the 1st ones I read. I think u may’ve told me bout those & that’s what started me into checking for more. Yep, just checked they were 1pg b4. I didn’t look back far enough, so order starts with Strange Adventures issues #205-#210. So everything the same except those issues are 1st. Thank u. They were literally on the bottom of the previous pg. Those were awesome too would’ve been mad if u didn’t catch that especially since the order isn’t complete w/o em. I’ll post under this to make sure nobody misses the issues that kick it all off THANK U!!!



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Thanks @Batwatch.
That literally would’ve messed up that whole order I laid down,plus those are some of the best ones & the reason I decided to come up with an on site order to begin with. I’m soooo glad u caught that, run doesn’t work half as good w/o em.

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I’m surprised you didn’t include strange adventures

No problem. Glad I could help. I probably did recommend those to you. I read them myself several months back when trying out random series, and I recall recommending them to someone asking about Deadman comics.

Too bad we still can’t edit posts so you can fix your list. Come quickly, Community 2.0.

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I did. I just had it on the page b4 my list started. I didn’t catch it til BatWatch caught it for me. I typed it up in all capital letters right above your post . I didn’t wanna have to rewrite the whole list. It should start with Strange Adventures #205-210 then everything else is still the same. Just read those 1st then continue with the list. It was on the bottom of the previous pg & I forgot it was on 2 separate pages. I guess I could reprint it if nobody can just realize those are at the top & not notice my post in all caps correcting it. I’ll just redo it, but only difference is read Strange Adventures 205-210 first. I’ll do it now since I can see this is gonna be an issue lol.

I hear that on the editing. I just redid it anyways, cuz I figured the more people post, the further the correction would get buried. It needed done anyways, if u start it without the Strange Adventures issues it’s not the same at all. That’s literally where it all begins. I decided to put it up late at night, cuz I loved how it all coincided, & how it was all done by the community chipping in & making it a collective effort. So I was half awake & forgot that the order I came up with started on the bottom of the page b4 the next page, which had all of the rest on that next page.

Strange Adventures #205 in 1967 is where it all started. I imagine Deadman Neal Adams has most of the series, but issue 205 was drawn by Carmine Infantino, not Neal Adams.

@Razzzcat here u go

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I found it :+1:t3:

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Thanks, @capo-mage, I have been looking for this for some time. I can now dive right in.

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Nice!!! Glad I could help.

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