Deadman reading list with correction that BatWatch helped me catch. all the same but I forgot Strange Adventures goes 1st cuz it was on the pg b4 the others.

Strange Adventures #205-#210
Brave & Bold #79, #86, #104
Aquaman #49-52.
Bold & Brave #133
Adventure Comics #460-466
DC comics presents #24
Deadman (1986) 1-4
Secret Origins #15
Challengers of the Unknown #85-87
Deadman 1-7 (1985) reprints
Deadman (Kelley Jones) Love after Death 1-2
Deadman (Kelley Jones) Exorcism
Lobo/Deadman Brave & the Bald
Deadman Dead Again
Deadman Dark Mansion Of Forbidden Love
Deadman Neal Adams 1-6

Optional backups on site Action Comics 601,602,618,619,620,621,622,623,624,625,626.
Batman: Demigods War (Book 2 of Neal Adams not on site).

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Yes I realize I put Bold & Brave instead of Brave & Bold but u know what I meant…I’m tired lol cut me some slack.