Dear DClaus, write a letter to the Santa of the DC Universe

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Lex or Clark, try writing a letter to DClaus in hopes of getting your DC wishes this DChristmas.

Dear DClaus,
I’ve been reasonably good this year. I didn’t plunk anyone on the forehead no matter how much the really deserved it. I also did not rob an armored truck, bank, museum or private collection, all of which are considered bad. So this year I’d like the following, pronto:
-Geoff Johns to write a JSA series, nobody does it better
-Dick Grayson as Nightwing (weird, I know)
-The Question television series on DCU
-Ollie and Felicity to ride off into their alternate universe sunset together
-Krypton, season 3
-Worlds Finest book, Babs and Kara
And finally, if you could bring peace and harmony to threads discussing a certain movie director, that would be cool.
Yours in total expection


Dear DClaus,

I’ve done a great deal within my power this year to spread the good word and hidden knowledge to the denizens of DCU in my news posts, engage them in trivia regular trivia contests, and have helped cheerfully bid goodbye to our departing titles each month in my Last Chance Watch-Alongs.

This year, I’d like:

• The digitizations of the Green Arrow Annuals and The Question Quarterlies

• A higher budget for DC animated films and series

• More Question appearances under talented writers

• And a visit from Connor Hawke.

Thank you, and have a merry DChristmas,

HubCityQuestion (Jewish)


Can’t believe I missed the obvious DChristmas and Happy Hannukkah.

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Not too late to get your letter in.

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I’m not sure which DC Santa I should send the Krypton season 3 letter to - maybe the DC HBO Max Santa?

To whichever Santa can fulfill the request: I have been good-enough this year, and I would like Krypton Season 3 as well.

Thank you!

P.S. Thanks for the early present - the best gift of all - the EDIT button in the Community upgrade.


Dear DClaus,

I’ve been a very good boy this year. I ate all my vegetables, did my homework and wished good thoughts for good people.

What would I like for Christmas this year? The continued success of DC Universe for years to come would do just fine.

If you can, the Amber Heard Mera would be grand as well.

Thank you.

P.S. The cookies and chocolate milk will be out in the usual spot, along with a bag of reindeer treats for Rudolph and friends.


DClaus is very busy getting ready for the big dayI told me I had to say that, in truth he keeps binge watching Harley Quinn over and over so he asked that I answer a few of the letters to him.
@HubCityQuestion he said he’ll see what he can do about the budget, but the elves refuse to print money anymore after that visit from the Secret Service
@JLWWSM it happens that DClaus and Max Santa are bros, they’ll talk
@Vroom there seems to be some descrepencies over what list you appeared on, but the promise of cookies and chocolate milk won him over.


@msgtv I would never be on a naughty list. Not me, nuh-uh. Me, naughty? Poppycock and flim flam, my man!

double dips a chip, then gently taps on Joe Mayo’s fish tank

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