Death of Superman Comic Book Event Just Deleted

I just wanted to make a thread concerning an incident that just happened today 10/9/18. I was reading the Death of Superman event & just started the Funeral for a Friend arc and when I went on today it was just gone. Now not all issues tied to this event are gone but for those who like to read all connected stories it is frustrating that now I am completely screwed out of reading the story. My main issue is that there was no notice that they were pulling it. I was going to read the issue thats gone now last night but had to care for my family & figured I’d read it today. If I had known it was going last night I would’ve found the time.


Yeah hope they take a longer view on these soon. Maybe DC is sneaking them out of Comixology when no one is looking…


They are all still there for me. I don’t see any of the issues gone.

Hello everyone, just wanted to update everyone, I did notice that the issue I couldn’t find was under a different title. Although, the title says Justice League America, its called Justice League International in the search engine. There does still seem to be one issue missing Batman and Superman: World’s Finest #9, but from what I have seen its a short story.

Just did a search because I believed the issues were missing, and there is no Superman #77-80.

Scratch that, no issues 78 and 79

I just noticed Superman #78-80 are missing, which sucks as a completest I feel the need to stop reading them now

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UPDATE: I spoke with the moderators and they said they are looking into this because they are supposed to be on there, so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.