Decisions.. Should I get the app?

So everyone is saying this app is worth it and I’m really starting to think this app is worth it… but I’m concerned because so many people are saying negative things like it’s a glitch they take your money and don’t let you watch movies… or you can’t shop anything or read comics… and other people are saying this app sucks and the take out all the good movies and good comics

Your comments really help!:slightly_smiling_face:


In order:
1: The tech support team should be able to help you if your subscription doesn’t work right.
2: The movies do rotate due to licensing issues, but I don’t think we’ve had anything leave and never come back, and there’s usually a pretty healthy selection, especially of animated movies and shows (and the shows don’t seem to rotate, or at least not nearly as often as the movies do).
3: We have every issue of a DC comic that’s ever been individually digitized, excluding imprints, the last twelve months, and a few older-but-still-recent big sellers. These don’t rotate and more are being added every month. If you read even one issue a day for a year’s subscription time, you’ll be paying a tiny fraction of what those issues would cost to buy individually. The price value for the comics alone is ridiculously good even without movies and TV.

And an additional note: The bulk of the complaints recently have been about the original series being unstable, with two of the four we’ve had so far not getting renewed for second seasons. That’s a legitimate concern, but contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, it’s not some apocalyptic catastrophe. There’s still a bunch of others that are doing fine.


I joined a week ago and love it. If you do monthly you can cancel any time so not like you are out much if doesn’t suit you. So far app has done pretty good for me. I have had occassional issues casting to chrome cast, but if that happens phone restart usually fixes.


If you’re into the comics its TOTALLY worth the sub. The entire back catalogue of the main DC comics line with new digital drops every Tuesday of whatever released 1yr ago at that time.

The movies and animation do rotate out every so often but the comics do not. (There is still always something to watch with shows like BTAS, STAS, JL, and JL Unlimited :+1:t2:)


Come on and get a sub. We’d love to have ya😁


Thx!!! Really help me out… so if my mom say yes I’m getting the subscription!!!


A few people have problems so they are to contact Tech Support. From some accounts here the Android devices do better than Apples product but there was a recent update.

No PS4 yet.

Dont expect Smallville Gotham or Man of Steel to Shazam here.

No Vertigo or Black Label comics or comics less than a year old or comics that started as Graphic Novel or a few very popular titles like Mr Miracle or White Knight. Just 22000+ comics from 1938 to June 2018 more than you can read in a lifetime. There are gaps especially older issues because have not been digitalized. A dozen issues done each week.

Warners Brothers is investing too much money like Redesign of Community new platforms like Xbox and new Original Content like New Justice for this service to fold.


I have never had a problem watching anything. (Other than my own internet glitching.)


I’d like to meet the person who believes 20,000 comics are not enough of an attraction. I know you can not please everyone, but if you’re pissed because the app doesn’t feature Snyder’s Man of Steel may I suggest you cool off and read some Superman comics.