Detective Comics (1937-) #32

Detective Comics (1937-) #32

This entire issue is summed up in one shot – Batman wielding a gun like he is about to go Rambo on a crew of unlucky schmucks. It gives me the idea of a Blank Cover Commission using a Cable like Batman holding a obscenely large gun alongside a hot femme fatale – just can’t decide who to pair him up with. Would love to go with a Borderlands kind of bend

Issue #33 finally gives us the first look at the origin story of Batman, and young Bruce Wayne, also the first look at what would be the batcave although it is referred to as a secret laboratory here. I used to never understand why people chose Batman over Supes but in the golden age I can see why. I’m starting to switch my view on my favorite character.

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Gas pellets appear to be Batman’s weapon of choice. He should of been called Gas Man.

Once again as not being able to read the previous issue not really sure how this story began. But this time Batman faces a menace he has never fought before vampires cool stuff

The previous issue is included in Detective Comics #30 for some reason. They are attached in pairs, it would seem. Just FYI to anyone confused about where this one is continuing off from.