Detective Comics (1937-) #34

Detective Comics (1937-) #34

This kind of continued that annoying trend in the early comics when it was a villain of the month story and nothing had enough weight to invest in. While I love Batman getting around to duking it out with supernatural elements, I was much happier once Batman finally settled into Gotham and the city dominated the story lines and in essence became a character in itself. I always liked how DC had fictional cities and think they should totally go with a Game of Thrones style map and completely have their fictional universe that they can turn into a interactive gaming facility. Ugh I’m rambling


I see now why they don’t usually add the extra stories from Action and Detective Comics. Wow these are bad. Like really bad even for the Golden age. Regardless I did always like this Batman story for some reason. Always thought the brother would become the Question and met with disappointment lol. But the flower room was so bizarre and great too. This, Monk and Dr Death stories were great starts to Batman

What a crazy issue. Vincent Price as the villain, a ridiculous wheel torture device, and the final scene from Little Shop of Horrors(the inferior black and white version).

A random story that’s too fast paced