Did We Ever Get A Firm Answer, Re: Batman Vs TMNT?

My head is in a blender these days, and I can’t seem to find confirmation one way or the other through Google.

Has an announcement been made on whether or not the animated Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will be coming to DCU upon release? Looks like the digital release is May 14th and the physical release is June 4th.

Just curious.


We never got any definitive answer as far as I can remember. As community suggested, might not happen due to rights from the turtles side.

Would be cool if it made it on here though.

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Head in a blender? Geez, that must sting.

Want a DC themed band-aid?

Doubt it…

Even a “it’s unlikely” would be helpful. A non confirmation answer is enough for me to purchase it elsewhere.