Didn’t we use to have House of Whispers?

I seem to remember a few months back we were getting “House of Whispers” in our comic collection. I can’t seem to find it anymore…am I going crazy, did we ever have that series? And if so does anyone know where it’s gone?

Looks like the first issue was added back in September, but it looks like it’s been removed. Doesn’t look like the second issue was ever added. Might have been a mistake or maybe some character in it was related to Swamp Thing (the main show that was ongoing at the time). Vertigo books aren’t generally available on the service, and other “House of” books were available at the same time (Mystery and Secretes).


Either way, it seems to be gone now.

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Thanks mononon! I’m glad I wasn’t crazy in thinking we used to have at least one issue of it!