Disappearing issues?

I’m new to DC Universe, so please excuse my ignorance…but do they pull issues?

I started reading Titans Rebirth and when I went to start issue 3, I noticed that it was gone and the first issue listed was #20. Am I just not looking in the right place, or is it gone?

It’s very frustrating to start reading a series for issues to just disappear.

Do they bring them back?

Thanks for any info!

This series?


I see all the issues listed here.

That’s weird. I couldn’t find them last night. Maybe I was just having connection issues.


As far as I know, DCU stopped pulling comic issues when they did the huge expansion of the comic library. For the most part, you should only see new issues being added, not taken away. There have been some rarer cases where things have been taken away, like series that belong to the Vertigo imprint and such. But everything that’s DC proper is pretty much here to stay.