Disappointed in WonderCon DC Online print distribution

I lost my orange ticket and tried to pick up the print for the panel attendees of the DC Online at Wondercon. The person at the Wondercon booth said he couldn’t do anything and I wouldn’t get a print. And then I stayed around trying to figure out what to do. While I was talking and complaining to my friends, I saw him give away prints to three people with no orange tickets. I am so upset in the attendants attitude and behavior. I don’t blame DC Online, but hopefully in the future if you had member giveaways, there will be contingency for such things and have people associated with DC Online that understands customer relations. I mean I was so irate it was hard to separate my negative feelings toward the Booth attendant and DC Online. Also I noticed that he had a full crate just sitting there with 45 minutes left in the convention.

Sorry for the rant but felt someone should know from DC Online.