Do You Prefer The In-Store Hunt Or Do You Buy Everything Online?

By the way I’m a hunt first then look online second guy.

@LPCustom76 I guess really I’m the other way, preorder online and then if I find it in person, buy and cancel the order. I have been able to snag a few figures from AMAZO My Kyle Rayner green lantern just got a shipping date so here’s hoping. I have a few figures preordered through a couple different sites that I hope I get in my greedy hands. I have told my wife though that if we spot any Jessica Cruz s that we’re buying them all and putting a small dent in our debt.

I’m a “get it however I can as long as the price is right” guy myself.

A little of both. I like going out and about to nab something, but sometimes it’s nice knowing if I can’t find something it might be online. And of course sometimes I just don’t want to go out lol

I prefer to find my treasures in-person. It’s not unusual for me to have dreams where I walk into an old department store (Prange Way is the one that pops up most often) and finding old Mego, Star Wars and Super Powers figures.

Of course, it’s nigh-impossible to find everything with that method - and I must admit I do find that having it delivered to my door is a bit of a thrill. But it’s nothing like finding that hard-to-find jewel on the store shelf.

While I’m s hunt first guy the sad fact is every day online first becomes more of a reality. Like I just happened to think and look at the tags on the empty pegs next to the Shazam Multiverse figures at one of my local Wal-Mart hoping to see a tag for the basic figures and it turns out they where 12" Batman tags. The thing is these pegs have been empty since the last WM reset. You do have to ask is this a WM problem or a Mattel problem? I’m guessing WM because the Target on the next shopping center over has a pretty good DC section.

On a side note one thing I’ve noticed at WM is the amount of 12" Infinity War figures is amazing as in wow that’s a lot of the same figures in every store. And unless I’ve missed something what’s gonna happen when the Endgame figures start to roll out?


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I prefer to support my local comic shop as much as possible but…if I find that hard to get comic online ITS MINE!!!

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Both. Despite Amazon Prime One-Day Delivery, it is nice to grab it, buy it, and have it there-and-then. And of course the actual hunt side is great, looking around, finding other things as well, and just having a nice customer experience on top of acquiring the desired item :smiley:

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I do both. I collect Batman stuff so new things from statues to apparel I buy either online conventions or stores,but I also go to vintage/ collectible shows and garage sales etc.

For me, it’s 90% comic con finds and that last 10% I cheat and buy online…

I love to shop in stores more but there is so little where I live, my only real option is to shop online. But every time I take a trip some where, I try to hit the local comic books stores.

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Growing up as a kid (2000’s) I would go to Half-Life Books with about 5-10 dollars. They would usually sell comics from '80-'98 at the original price or marked down. That’s how I got a majority of my comic collection.

In store

The thrill of the hunt!

In store. Just advanced notice going on a little rant for a second. By in store I meant my local comic shop, not Walmart, Target or Hot Topic. It aggravates me that chain retail stores end up getting Previews (ordering book for comic shops) exclusives the same as LCS often before the comic shops do. The exclusive is supposed to drive customers to the local store. I understand that the chain retailers get their own exclusives they shouldn’t also be selling those intended for LCS.

I do both but prefer in store. I’ve been a collector for many years and have a whole room just dedicated to them. While in college it was hard to go to a comic book store and get my “comic fix” So I did subscribe to an online comic store and would get my weekly / monthly subscriptions, and that was great I was keeping up and not having to worry about missing an issue. The one down side is that you can’t really explore what’s new and developing when subscribing online. Go in a store and you can see wall to wall of comics, and I am the kind of guy that sees a great cover and “ohhh what’s this!?!” So now I currently like to visit two comic stores that are close by, I have a pull list with one and the other one has a larger selection that if the first one doesn’t have the issue I am looking for then I hope the larger one does. And then I will go on line if I can’t find it anywhere else and need it right away. I also like to think I am supporting local business and the comic book stores by going in.

One other thing I’ll mention is if not at a comic store or online, I do enjoy “the hunt” at comic cons, and there is nothing more full filling in the comic book world where you’re going from vendor to vendor searching through all those comic book boxes until you find “the one” comic you need. :slight_smile:

So, both. I like to go to the comic book store /small time comic book shows and look for books. It been years since I’ve been able to do that. The other go to since roughly 1994 is the subscription. That’s how I’m getting all my books right now. Then there is ebay. Every now and again I find something I want on there.