Do You think Young Justice S3 will be As good as 1&2

I think it will…maybe but it’s still a good season


Yes I think it will. Second half of seasons tend to be the most intense

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It think it will be a great season.


Nothing beats season 1 for me, so far. But it’s more than decent. And currently season 3 seem more bland.


I just asked Madame Xanadu to peer into her crystal ball to see the second half of S3. You should have seen the smile on her face when she looked up.

All signs point to “yes”.

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So far S3 has been excellent with the sole exception of Episode 13.

Ep 13 was rushed and forced a Doom Patrol cameo that nobody needed that felt way out of place.

It felt really bad.

But I loved the Bowhunter Security episode.

In fact i might go watch it right now.

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@henry that wasn’t episode 13 that was episode 12 that did the doom patrol Cameo ep 13 was when the outsiders rescued Tara

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